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Thermomix Offers 2021 Q4

I always believe that the Thermomix is the real deal, and anything else is just extra, but for completeness and transparency, here are the Thermomix offers for 2021 Q4 from October to December.

October 2021:

We had two offers this month, yes, you read that correctly. The first is 0% for all Thermomix purchases this month, and the second is this month’s customer promotion the 50% of the Sous Vide Bundle.

  • Thermomix TM6, £1149, is our standard offering. Simplicity at its best.
  • Thermomix TM6 plus Sous Vide Bundle, £1228 (Sous Vide Bundle, £158, saving, £79)

The Thermomix TM6 remained at £1149.



November 2021:

November was all about our Kobold Sister Product and bundling these up.

For new customers, here were the several bundles available this month:

  1. Thermomix TM6, £1149 – it’s still the star of the show
  2. Thermomix TM6 and Kobold VB100 Bundle, £1669
  3. Thermomix TM6 and Kobold VB100, plus Wet & Dry attachment, SPB100 Bundle, £2025
  4. Thermomix TM6 and Kobold VC100 Bundle, £1213

The Thermomix TM6 remained at £1149.

December 2021:

Thermomix offerFor any purchases of Thermomix this month, you have the opportunity to purchase this Thermomix Christmas bundle for an additional £20, saving you £63. The bundle consists of the following:

????????Thermomix TM6 and all it’s accessories
????????Thermoserver, a 2.6L insulated serving dish designed to keep your food at its optimum temperature (hot or cold) for up to 3 hours
????????’A Very Thermomix Christmas’ cookbook, our ultimate Thermomix guide to everything Christmas from festive recipes to edible gifts and planning your Christmas meal
????????Thermomix Christmas Apron.
The Thermoserver is the perfect size for a curry or casserole for keeping hot food, piping hot for hours but equally wonderful for keeping frozen fruit sorbet or ice-creams for the same amount of time.

The Thermomix TM6 remained at £1149.

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