One Girl and her Thermie

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How to purchase a Thermomix®?

10 top tips for new TM5 owners


10 top tips for new TM5 owners

Congratulations. So you’ve taken the plunge and bought your Thermomix. What to do now? Well, before cooking (and I have some ideas for your first recipes), here’s some of my top tips for new owners to keep your investment in tip, top shape.

Do read the instruction manual; Take the time to read the introduction chapters in your Basic Cookbook (TBC). There are lots of helpful tips and reminders in there. Worth sitting down with a cup of tea or a glass of your favourite tipple ad reading thoroughly, after all you have invested in a TM so you should get to know all you can about it to get the most out of it. Also read the manual, extra helpful information in there.

Before you throw out the TM box remove the white stickers that have your TM serial number them. Stick one inside the cover of your TBC and one on page 55 of your Manual along with your Advisor’s contact details.

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