One Girl and her Thermie

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How to purchase a Thermomix®?

The differences between TM5 and TM31

For those interested in finding out the differences in the previous and current models, here’s a quick and handy guide that should help.

The differences between the TM5 and TM31

  • the bowl is slightly bigger (10% larger);
  • the Varoma is also slightly bigger (10% larger);
  • they look different  – the shape is completely different
  • the TM5 has a touchscreen and dial whereas the TM31 has buttons and a dial;
  • the TM5 can weigh while the machine is operating;
  • the TM5 uses electronic recipe chips which allows you to access the recipes on the touch screen;
  • the TM5 has guided cooking and manual cooking, whereas the TM31 is only manual;
  • there are more temperature, speed, and weight options;
  • the butterfly whisk has changed design;
  • the lid closes and opens automatically (it has a slight delay in releasing the lid which is an added safety feature);

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