One Girl and her Thermie

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How to purchase a Thermomix®?

36 reasons why you need a thermomix


36 reasons why you need a Thermomix in your life with our 36 month interest offer


  1. They make bad cooks good.
  2. They make good cooks better.
  3. They make great cooks look like a cross between Heston Blumenthal and Jamie Oliver.
  4. They make the best daiquiris.
  5. They can literally replace nearly every gadget you own, with and without a cord.
  6. Get rid of those gadgets. Helllllooooooo cupboard space.
  7. More room for Tupperware…. ????
  8. Fewer things cluttering up your bench top.
  9. More room on the bench top for activities (um gnocchi rolling, duh)
  10. Have I mentioned the daiquiris yet? So gooooood.
  11. They make every aspect of food prep UBER fast.
  12. They make every aspect of cooking UBER fast.
  13. They make the food so delicious you eat it UBER fast.
  14. They make actual Deliveroo or UBER eats, look slow. ????
  15. It stirs. Full stop. Enough said.
  16. 4 words. Slow. Cooked. Pulled. Pork.
  17. Actually! Just slow cook everything.
  18. The only thing not slow is the actual Thermomix.
  19. 2 more words. Caramel. Slice. ????
  20. You can actually brown your meat and onions like a frying pan.
  21. Legit! There is even a sizzle sound and a sizzle smell.
  22. James Martin has one.
  23. Heston Blumenthal has more than one.
  24. It cleans itself (literally) who knew right?!
  25. No more lumpy or burnt mashed potato.
  26. No more worrying about lumpy mash potato.
  27. No more trying to pretend the mashed potato isn’t lumpy when it actually is.
  28. Friends actually fight to be invited over for dinner.
  29. The dog doesn’t do an eye roll when it gets the left overs.
  30. Actually there’s never any food your willing to give to the dog.
  31. Over 50,000 quality recipies at your disposal with Cookidoo.
  32. That is actually a legitimate figure, not a typo and it grows weekly.
  33. It come with a free mix-pert; your Advisor (me), yeah we love that name.
  34. German’s actually know how to build great stuff.
  35. It will outlast you in the kitchen
  36. The daiquiris, seriously….. the Daiquiris.

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