One Girl and her Thermie

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Who Am I?

You’re here, so I guess it would be rude not to introduce myself. My name is Ankita Stopa and I am passionate about helping people cook more healthy and creative food. Life is busy enough and anything that can help us save time and money is something we all are need in our lives.

I’m from India, which is one of the oldest and richest food cultures in the world. Indian cuisine is well known for being one of the world’s spiciest, influential, diverse and unique. As Indians differ from one another by religion, region, state, language and caste, our cuisine varies so much that we have positioned ourselves as one of world’s most diverse. The beauty of being an Indian living abroad is having both a great appreciation for different Indian cuisines, and a palate that enjoys all gastronomies.

My first Thermomix

Most of the recipes I make in my Thermomix are traditional family recipes handed down through generations. My mother and grandmother were both great cooks, and shared their knowledge with me. I grew up in Saudi Arabia and have travelled all over the world to many European and Asian countries; I worked and lived in Japan and now reside in the London, U.K. with my Polish husband. I have always enjoyed exploring the culture and food in each country. As a lover of food and brought up traditionally Indian, I have always cooked from scratch with delicious results but often time consuming. Before having my children, I enjoyed winding down and taking time to cook after I came home from work. It’s only when I had my daughter that I first heard about Thermomix and realised how easy home cooking could be.

How did I get here?

Good question. Especially considering that I actually started out as Chemical Engineer from UCL who went into product & business development in the chemical & biodegradable field. (You know Ariel Liquid-Tabs or Quantum Finish tablets? Yeah, that’s what I helped develop.)

My Thermomix journey started back in 2009, when my Polish sister-in-law, Emilia, suggested I host a demonstration as I was a busy mum with a 4-month old baby. Emilia was given a Thermomix TM31 as a wedding present, the previous year, and had raved about how she could make soup in 15 minutes, bread in less than 2 minutes, and risotto without the need to be in the kitchen. She was so convincing that I booked a home demonstration. I was blown away by the fruit sorbet demonstration alone, and bought one on the spot.

I started demonstrating as a hobby and extra income purely because of my love and passion for the Thermomix. I loved how cooking was so simple and easy to follow. I started recommending to all my family, friends, and colleagues and quickly found myself demonstrating that year and within a few years working part-time as an Independent Advisor. I still had other business interests (still do) in the packaging industry, marketing and I run a property portfolio too. I currently lecture Chemistry part-time.  But even with all of this on my plate (ask a busy person…), I soon became UK’s number 1 Advisor and also had the most successful team in the UK.

One Girl and her Thermie

In September 2014, I finally decided to rebrand to ‘One Girl and her Thermie’ and start to blog, sharing the love I have for Thermomix and sharing it with everyone. It’s been the most rewarding and fantastic journey. Demonstrating Thermomix has become a passion of mine. I’ve earned new Thermomixes – the newer models Thermomix TM5 and Thermomix TM6, I’ve been on several amazing Advisor incentive trips from Kinsale, Madeira, Lisbon and Budapest. I’ve been awarded accolades such as the first to reach Loyalty programs Level 4, 5 & 6 and been recognised as a Diamond Advisor for 5- years in a row.

I’ve sold over 1500 Thermomixes and have over 1000 delighted customers, and have also introduced over 100 new Advisors to the business.

I’m often asked who my customer avatar is for Thermomix. Europeans? Love cooking? Hate cooking? Indian? Large families? Domestic househodBored of repetitive menus? Single households? Asian? Someone with kids? Time poor? Allergies?

Well, the answer is anyone who eats.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Why choose Thermomix®?​

Saves time for you

Love great food but short on time? Thermomix® is your own assistant in the kitchen, offloading prep and cooking tasks, leaving you more time for other things you love.


With built-in Wi-Fi, TM6® is one radically convenient kitchen appliance with integrated grocery delivery, up-to-the-minute recipes, and real-time updates.


Create your entrée, side dish, and dessert all at once with the powerful multi-layered cooking feature. TM6® even pre-cleans itself, saving time on clean up.

Any meal, any time

Whether you’re reeling in Fish Friday, swirling up a smoothie, or crafting an elaborate dinner, every day is easier with TM6® - your everyday cooking assistant.

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Faster cooking
I recently purchased a Thermomix TM6 plus Christmas bundle through Ankita. She was very helpful throughout the sale process but was also quick to highlight that her support post purchase would be there should it be required. If you are interested in getting a Thermomix, i would strongly recommend Ankita as she offers a lot more through her website than just a TM6 sale (i.e. newsletter, recipes etc).

Special Offers

What's included in a Thermomix TM6 purchase:

  • Thermomix TM6 and everything you see above
  • 2-years domestic warranty
  • 1-year commercial warranty
  • Tracked delivery by courier within UK by DPD
  • Demonstration pre-and post purchase to ensure you get the most out of your investment
  • Host gift offers for hosting a demonstration with 3-or more friends
  • Referral gifts for any introductions that lead to closed sales
  • “Me” for the lifetime of your ownership

Did you know?

Every 23 seconds, at least 1 Thermomix appliance is sold