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Motichoor Laddoo

Making Motichoor ke laddoos is easy but time-consuming. I’ll be honest until the second lockdown, I never made this before but the lockdown has made us all do things that we don’t usually do and at Diwali time, I would normally head to my favourite Indian Mithai shop and stand in line for the most amazing sweets. Even if the shop is open, I can’t see myself queuing for hours and social distancing. It’s just safer to stay home and convert recipes. I have a Thermomix, remember and in my Thermomix, I can make almost anything.

This recipe is for Motichoor Laddoo (also laddu) is a poplar and attractive, round-shaped laddoo recipe made with saffron-colored, boondi pearls. It is a well known sweet recipe and mainly prepared for festivals and occasions to share with family and friends. It is usually made with a boondi jhara but this recipe uses commonly available kitchen spoons.

The major difference between Boondi laddoo and motichoor laddoo is the size of the tiny boondi/fried gram flour balls. Boondi laddoo has the gram flour balls bigger in size and motichoor laddoos have smaller ones. Both the ladoos are made from gram flour or besan batter. The batter is poured through a ladle or sieve with perforations and these give rise to round shaped droplets, called as boondi (derived from the word ‘boond’ in hindi which means water droplets).

There are two types of boondi laddoos; one is a soft textured one and the other is a crisp hard one. Both these laddoos have some variations in the method, thus yielding different textures.

In Hindi the word ‘moti’ means pearl and ‘choor’ means to crush or crumble. Literally translated to crumbled pearls. Actually, when you hold these laddoos in your hand and even apply a little pressure, they crumble.

Laddoos are offered to many Indian gods & goddesses. Many Indian temples offer ladoos as prasad to the devotess. One of the most famous laddoos, we have had as prashad, are from the tirupati temple in Andhra Pradesh, India. Another prashad, we look forward is the boondi ladoo from shirdi sai temple, nasik, India. Whenever we want to make any food for deities then refrain from tasting or smelling the food. Prepare the food with lot of devotion, cleanliness and peaceful state of mind.

If you have a pooja or any religious activity at home, then these motichoor laddoos, can be given as prashad to the devotees.

So if you, like me, are celebrating Diwali this weekend, then I hope you enjoy this recipe.

We all fight together this pandemic, pray for all those families who have lost the loved ones, broken relationships, lost jobs and hope the best to come for everyone just as Diwali teaches us that light triumphs over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance.


Milk Powder Burfi

Burfi (Burfee, Barfi) is a fudge-like milk sweet and often served at Diwali (Deepvali) celebrations. Like fudge, the process of making burfi may seem simple however can be tricky. This Thermomix version takes all the guesswork out.

Traditionally this requires khoya or mawa – milk powder – and some does need sugar syrup. But I always like to take shortcuts and have prepared using milk powder and this does not require you to make any sugar syrup or check for consistency. This method using milk powder makes it quicker and easier with no compromise in taste if you follow the steps exactly as given below.

Pesto Rosso

Being adventurous doesn’t have to be going all out and skydive. It could be trying a new recipe in the kitchen. For example this delicious Pesto Rosso.

Pesto Rosso (literally, “Red Pesto”) is a Sicilian variation that starts with sun-dried tomatoes. It has a rich red hue and a deep, sweet, tangy flavor. Like all pestos, Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto recipes also vary by region and cook. The sauce typically calls for almonds instead of the pine nuts used in basil pesto.

Really easy to make and very nice. Different to the usual green basil pesto but great to garnish vegetable tagliatelle, for tapas or pasta. Thanks to fellow Advisor, Sara De Miguel Hernandez for this recipe under her business Flow with Me.

Dishoom Okra Fries

Dishoom Okra Fries

From the first day ate at Dishoom’s Flagship restaurant in Shoreditch, I feel in love with their Okra Fries. Ever since we have been devouring these crispy, salty, savoury okra chips every time we visit.

Okra’s high levels of vitamin A, B vitamins (B1, B2, B6), and vitamin C, and traces of zinc and calcium, make it an ideal vegetable to eat during pregnancy. Okra also serves as a supplement for fibre and folic acid, so is a great superfood for the whole family.

I was never a fan of okra (bhindi, in Hindi). If it isn’t cooked well, it can result in a slimey, gluey texture which isn’t great. Okra actually has a mild flavor that some say tastes like the eggplant. Its texture though is very different simply because it is more fibrous and tender if picked at the right time. The slime that it has will also make the vegetable have a silky texture on your tongue. However, if cooked properly, like in this recipe there’s not a slither of glue or slime insight.

No more soggy, slimey, dried out or bland okra for us. This okra fries recipe is mouthwateringly good and moreish. It’ll have you coming back time and time again. Guaranteed.

Strawberry Yoghurt

Thermomix Petit Filous

The wonderful Dèsirée Castro Rodríguez, a fellow Team Leader re-engineered Petit Filous for a Thermomix and the results are amazing. It’s so easy to do and the proof is in the pudding. My kids will wolf this down in seconds.

In 1986, Petits Filous fromage frais launched in the UK. Today, Petits Filous is the #1 Kids fromage frais brand in the UK, containing both calcium and Vitamin D which help build strong bones.  My kids, like most children, brought up in the UK,  adored this when they were younger and parents in the UK start weaning their kids with this in their little pot range and move up to the bigger size when their appetites grow.

In the UK, its something we give our kids when they are weaning and beyond, so looking at the ingredients list is a little worrying.

Ingredients: Fromage frais (Skimmed milk, Cream, Lactic cultures) – Sugar 6.2% – Strawberry Purée from concentrate 5% – Fructose 3% – Carrot juice – Corn flour – Lemon juice – Natural flavouring – Milk mineral concentrate – Vitamin D.

As all Thermomix owners know, homemade is best and here you know exactly what is going into it – real food. Milk, cheese, sugar (which can be reduced) and fresh fruit. Obviously, you can vary the fruit to get different flavours. I’ve done combinations with raspberries, mango and blueberries successfully.

Thermomix Swiss Roll

Chocolate Swiss Roll

I love chocolate. Anything chocolate. One of my favourite things about Christmas was that since I hate mince pies, Christmas pudding, and cake, my mum would buy me a Chocolate Swiss Roll instead. I have to admit I grew up on Cadbury’s or supermarket ones, the Waitrose or Marks & Spencer deluxe versions, but it’s only recently that I discovered how easy it is to make a Swiss roll.

This easy chocolate Swiss roll recipe is a classic! A Swiss roll is a very impressive cake and looks quite difficult to make, which is why people often shy away from baking them. A homemade Swiss roll is so much nicer than shop bought and they are much easier to make than you might think. This chocolate Swiss roll has a vanilla buttercream with yoghurt filling, which is full of flavour and a little easier on the calories. The vanilla and chocolate work extremely well together.

This Swiss roll cake could be served as a delicious dessert recipe topped with lashings of cream. This chocolate Swiss roll recipe takes 50 mins to make and bake and serves 4-6 people. This chocolate Swiss roll recipe is perfect if you want to bake something a little different, it’s great for sharing with a cuppa or can be smothered in custard or served with ice cream for dessert.

Smoothie Bowl

Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Matcha Smoothie Bowl is perfect to make for a quick nutritious snack or in my case, these days, breakfast. Packed with superfoods like fresh strawberries, bananas, spinach and topped with shredded coconut, cacao nibs, and chia seeds this matcha (green tea) smoothie bowl is light, fresh and delicious.

Unlike smoothies which are normally ‘drunk’ or slurped in my case, every time I make a smoothie bowl, I feel like I’m eating a meal. The fact that I eat it with a spoon makes me feel pretty full. And I also eat is slowly, unlike a smoothie, which is gone in a minute.

Smoothie bowls aren’t new to anyone, but I felt like they needed more admiration. And to be honest, I don’t make them as often as I’d like. This smoothie bowl only takes a few minutes to make and will be nice for a healthy fancy breakfast.

Breakfast on the go in one minute. This breakfast is super start to your “five a day” with this superfood and an antioxidant-loaded bowl of goodness. The creaminess of the yoghurt with the frozen banana turns this protein- and fibre-rich breakfast into a soft-serve-like treat. Add the goodness and earthy flavor of the matcha powder (holds 137 more antioxidants than brewed green tea), the contrasting textures of the fresh berries, seeds and nuts and you will feel ready to tackle whatever the day ahead throws your way.

Strawberries covered in chocolate

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These tasty chocolate covered strawberries make the perfect summer dessert or sweet afternoon treat.  With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s the perfect present. It says you have made an effort for the person you love.

The melted chocolate is made with the addition of coconut yogurt which gives it a lovely rich and creamy texture. This is a very simple dessert to make in the Thermomix and one where it looks like you’ve put a bit of effort in but really it’s a doddle to make. The added coconut yogurt which thickens the chocolate sauce and helps it go further, especially if you have an abundance of large strawberries that need to be eaten.

Credit: I can’t take credit for converting this recipe. Why re-invent the wheel. This recipe has been slightly adapted from Thermomix Diva, a British mum living down under.

homemade chocolate

Homemade Chocolate Bars

Homemade chocolate bars are fun, you can make them whatever size you like, and can pack them with whatever chunks, spices, nuts, seeds, and goodies you have. The possibilities are endless. Make a bunch, wrap them in gold foil candy paper, or parchment, and place in a drawer – you’re set for the month. Everyone seems to have a slightly different technique, but generally, I simply start with the best dark chocolate possible, then add as many extras as the chocolate can hold. To shape your bars You can just slather the mixture across a parchment-lined baking sheet, or allow it to set in a mold (or ice cube tray) of your choice.

The beauty in the recipe is the simplicity. A Thermomix tempers the chocolate callets so precisely that the quality of chocolate you use is key – I only use Callebaut Chocolate callets which is the finest Belgian chocolate and then toppings can be as elaborate as you want. For Christmas rose petals or pistachios give it a little luxury; for everyday eating for the kids, I use sprinkles and M&Ms. I know the last ingredient goes against my quality and best the best comment, but I’m keeping it real. My kids love M&M, Smarties, sprinkles and everything & anything that is sugar loaded. I take comfort in the fact the 80:20 rule, most of those they are eating is good.

This beautiful recipe is re-blogged from I love Chocolate, I love Thermomix by Janie Turner. Janie was the distributor of Thermomix UK when I started so is a friend and mentor of mine. After selling the business back to Vorwerk in 2014, set up Cook with Janie. Do check out her website and blog. It’s truly amazing as the lady herself.