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How to purchase a Thermomix®?
Thermomix payment plan

Pay for your Thermomix in instalments

Yes, you can pay for your Thermomix in monthly instalments. We have a finance option allowing you to for the Thermomix over a period making it more affordable.

For all UK residents, over the age of 18, you have the option of 12, 24, and 36-months with our finance provider. We previously offered Ikano Finance but have now moved to Hitachi Capital Finance on 1st December 2021.

The application can be done on the phone with me where I go through the application, or if I have a few details, your full name, phone number, email address, and which instalment plan you want, I can email you the application to do in the comfort of your own home. This last option has been mind-blowing for me as an advisor for the past 2-weeks, as customers prefer to do their applications I’ve found.

The decision to approve your Hitachi Finance loan is usually instant. In some cases, Hitachi may require additional information from you before making a final decision. The online application process should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Hitachi will take your scheduled payment through Direct Debit on or around your due date each month until your agreement is completed. Once they have taken your final payment, we will stop requesting the Direct Debit. You can also settle your agreement at any time. The quickest and easiest way to do this is by managing your account online. You can choose to pay your settlement figure by a one-off Direct Debit or if you prefer by Credit Card/Debit Card.

If you are not quite sure if you will qualify for finance, we can also do a soft search. This does need to be done over the phone with me and we can check if you will qualify, before proceeding with a full application.

“A soft credit check is an initial look at certain information on your credit report. … Crucially, soft searches aren’t visible to companies – so they have no impact on your credit score or any future credit applications you might make. Only you can see them on your report and it doesn’t matter how many there are”. Taken from Experian.

So if you want a Thermomix TM6 in your home, but don’t want to pay £1149 in one go, this is a perfect way to spread your payments for just over £1 a day.

Give me a call on 07977 563537 and I can go through the application with you and answer any questions you have. Or send me an email, to be sent my introduction email with the breakdown of the figures and the current offer.

3 thoughts on “Pay for your Thermomix in instalments”

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  2. Lauren freeman


    I am looking to buy a thermomix, I have previously owned one and do not need a demo. Can you give me a breakdown of prices and payment plans available?

    1. I’ve sent you an email Lauren with the current 2024 prices and the current April/ May 2024 offer.

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