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Thermomix Offers 2021 Q2

I always believe that the Thermomix is the real deal, and anything else is just extra, but for completeness and transparency, here are the Thermomix offers for 2021 Q2 from April to June.

April 2021:

Until 19th April, we had a 0% offer. This offer is available for 12-months at £97.75 per month. We were also doing a Best of Both – a Thermomix TM6 and Kobold VB100 package

May 2021:

For the month of May, we had our “Pizza Perfection Bundle’.  Running from Saturday 1st – Monday 31st May, when you bought a TM6 you receive 50% off a Pizza Perfection Kit – saving you £35/€40!

What’s in the Pizza Perfection Kit?
????Rockstar Pizza Stone Paul
????Branded Oven Gloves
????Branded Pizza Cutter
????Pizza Perfection Booklet

The bundle cost is £70, so the cost-saving here is a 50% discount.

The Thermomix TM6 remained at £1149, but you were paying an extra £35 for the bundle.

June 2021: 

Al Fresco bundleRunning from Saturday 29th May at noon to 30th June, when you bought TM6 customers received a Thermomix Serving bowl and utensils, absolutely free.

What’s in the Al Fresco bundle?
????Thermomix Serving Bowl (previously known as the Thermoserver), £45
????Thermomix Serving Utensils, £10

The bundle cost is £55 if bought separately, so the cost-saving here is that full amount.

The Thermomix TM6 remained at £1149, but you were saving  £55 for the bundle.



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