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How to make the lightest sponge cakes

A creamed sponge cake mix is the foundation of many classic cakes, from a Victoria Sponge (pictured) to a double chocolate cake. Here are 5 top tips to help you get the perfect texture every, single time.

  1. Get organised Cake batter put into a cold oven doesn’t rise properly, so always preheat your oven. Prepare the baking tins, as per the recipe, but in my experience oil or butter and then flour pans for an easy release. The Thermomix weighs all your ingredients, so that ensures the measurements are correct. Also check egg sizes. Usually, recipes state if it’s medium or large eggs needed, but if neither is stated, then use large eggs.
  2. Add maximum air to your dry ingredients. Sieving your flour will make everything light and airy. This is one of my favourite Thermomix tips. Throw away the physical sieve and use 5 seconds, speed 5 for your dry ingredients. Then add these to your wet ingredients to combine. Having two Thermomix bowls makes this easier – wet in one, dry in the other – but if you don’t do this step first and then decant it in another bowl.
  3. Whisk your wet ingredients (cream) perfectly. Recipes often ask for ingredients like butter to be at room temperature, but your Thermomix will help to whisk your sugar and butter mix from cold. Add cold butter in small pieces to combine the two quickly. You’re looking for a moussey texture. Once you see this light, yellow texture, add eggs, one by one, and don’t overbeat or it will split. If it does split, then add a spoonful of flour to bring it together again.
  4. Don’t dawdle After combining, spoon the cake batter into tins and put it into the oven straight away. Raising agents in the flour start to work quickly, and the air bubbles they create will deteriorate if you leave the mixture standing.
  5. Timing is everything Sticking a cake skewer or tooth pick into the centre of the cake is still the best method for testing if the cake is ready or not. It should come out clean, or with a few dry crumbly bits sticking to it. If it is wet, return to the oven for a few more minutes. Repeat if necessary. When cake is ready, turn them onto a wire rack once cool enough to handle, so they don’t over bake in the heat of the tin.

Extra tip:

Jam and cream are the classic fillings for a Victoria Sponge but why not mix things up a bit. Try creamy Nutella and sliced bananas, or lemon curd and mascarpone. But my favourite, hands down is a chocolate ganache.

  • Lemon Curd:
  • Chocolate Ganache:

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