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Strawberry Yoghurt

Thermomix Petit Filous

The wonderful Dèsirée Castro Rodríguez, a fellow Team Leader re-engineered Petit Filous for a Thermomix and the results are amazing. It’s so easy to do and the proof is in the pudding. My kids will wolf this down in seconds.

In 1986, Petits Filous fromage frais launched in the UK. Today, Petits Filous is the #1 Kids fromage frais brand in the UK, containing both calcium and Vitamin D which help build strong bones.  My kids, like most children, brought up in the UK,  adored this when they were younger and parents in the UK start weaning their kids with this in their little pot range and move up to the bigger size when their appetites grow.

In the UK, its something we give our kids when they are weaning and beyond, so looking at the ingredients list is a little worrying.

Ingredients: Fromage frais (Skimmed milk, Cream, Lactic cultures) – Sugar 6.2% – Strawberry Purée from concentrate 5% – Fructose 3% – Carrot juice – Corn flour – Lemon juice – Natural flavouring – Milk mineral concentrate – Vitamin D.

As all Thermomix owners know, homemade is best and here you know exactly what is going into it – real food. Milk, cheese, sugar (which can be reduced) and fresh fruit. Obviously, you can vary the fruit to get different flavours. I’ve done combinations with raspberries, mango and blueberries successfully.

6 thoughts on “Thermomix Petit Filous”

  1. Thanks for the recipe, Ankita. Assuming it’s not all eaten in one go, how long would this keep?

    1. Hi, Jen, thanks for your comment. It hasn’t lasted more than a few days in my home, but rather than give you a shelf life if you feel you want to half the recipe, you can do that too. For halving recipes, keep the timings the same but half ingredient quantity. Thanks, Ankita

      1. Thank you, Ankita – will make tomorrow and let you know how we get on! Kids get through fromage frais quite a bit given half a chance so hoping this will be a cheaper (and healthier) homemade version.

        1. Successful first try last time. Today tried with a little more gelatine and frozen mixed berries. Let’s see how that turns out. Great recipe, Ankita. Thanks so much!

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