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Milk Powder Burfi

Burfi (Burfee, Barfi) is a fudge-like milk sweet and often served at Diwali (Deepvali) celebrations. Like fudge, the process of making burfi may seem simple however can be tricky. This Thermomix version takes all the guesswork out.

Traditionally this requires khoya or mawa – milk powder – and some does need sugar syrup. But I always like to take shortcuts and have prepared using milk powder and this does not require you to make any sugar syrup or check for consistency. This method using milk powder makes it quicker and easier with no compromise in taste if you follow the steps exactly as given below.

3 thoughts on “Milk Powder Burfi”

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  2. HI,
    New to thermo cooking – I am making this in my TM6 and at step 3 cooking for 3mins the milk started to boil out of top. I have the MC in is that correct?

    1. Hi, Zaidah, thanks for getting in touch. In that case, you need to increase the speed to 4 or 5, which should allow the milk to settle and cook within the TM bowl without overflowing. Let me know how you get on. Ankita

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