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How to purchase a Thermomix®?

What is the Thermomix Offer?

“What’s the Thermomix Offer?” How many times in the past 14 years have I heard that? “What’s the Thermomix Offer this month?” I’m here to set things straight.

Yes, I know in this modern age and online era, we’re all looking for a deal. Price comparison websites and discount codes, to save money when you’re buying a big purchase. I get that. I bargain hunt too. But Thermomix and Vorwerk don’t partake in these kinds of offers. We have one price, one model, and one channel to purchase a Thermomix; via an authorised seller/ Advisor like myself.

Yes, I know that Thermomix UK & Ireland have monthly offers. Sometimes they are great, sometimes so, so, and sometimes, well just not for you. This month’s offer is a £50 e-voucher for our online shop, which personally I love, as you can use the credit to make your own offer or bundle.

???? Do you want a second bowl, then have a £50 discount and pay only £119
???? Do you want a travel bag, grab it for free?
???? Like books? Grab a couple of them.
???? Want a Thermomix Serving Bowl, it’s yours.
???? Been eyeing up the meater for a while? Pay only £30.
???? Want a Thermomix Serving Bowl, it’s yours.

But let me be clear.


How many times have I had customers waiting for that perfect customer offer and after waiting for 1, 2, 3, or even 6 months, wish that they had bought sooner? Not once or twice, but all the time. They missed the Thermomix Swap in January, the Thermomix TM6 Noir offer in February/ March, the Thermomix Friend bundle last year, or more recently the Thermomix bowl offer.

As much as I personally would love to give you these missed offers, I can’t. The point of it being a monthly offer is that when the month is over, the deal is over too. You wouldn’t walk into Hermes and ask for a discount on the Birkin, would you? Or to Apple and expect last month’s offer to still be valid? Or even ask Tesla to throw in their leather seats as an upgrade?

So, please don’t expect us to be either. So, despite my excellent customer service and willingness to try, my hands are tied. The third largest sales company in the world with 100,000 advisors worldwide is not to change their strategy for little old me, or you.


When customers finally get one, their biggest regret is waiting so long.

Fun facts:

  1. Thermomix will save you time in the kitchen. The reason we all grab those ready meals or take-aways is we are time-poor. The Thermomix will save you up to 45 minutes per meal, most of which you can be sitting down with a  glass of wine relaxing or catching up on something else.
  2. The Thermomix will save you cleaning up. One bowl, one blade does it all. Full meals. The Thermomix bowl can easily just be pulled apart and every part of the bowl is dishwasher safe.
  3. Having a Thermomix in your kitchen will save you money. The average Thermomix customer will save 20-25% a week. For me, a family of 4, our average weekly shop is £100, so that’s £25 per week. I recall a friend and client who said she wasn’t a cook but a dresser. How do you dress food? Well, she explained it by purchasing ready-made meals from Waitrose and then dressing them with vegetables and salads. Her bill was close to £250 a week, so this halved immediately.
  4. The Thermomix will also help you meal plan and keep shopping costs down. The Cookidoo planner will help you create shopping lists so there is no food waste. Only need 300g chicken, that’s great.
  5. The Thermomix will help you eat clean. Cooking from scratch and knowing what is exactly in your food saves you from preservatives and other nasties. Buying your basics in bulk also saves on having unnecessary plastics and packaging on your foods. Save your body and the environment all at the same time.

So I just wanted to say, if you are waiting for the right deal, let me reiterate;


Having a Thermomix in your kitchen is the deal. It’s the grand prize, the super gadget, the top offer. It’s the cake.  Anything else and everything else is just the cherry (on the cake).

Having a Thermomix in your kitchen will be the thing that changes your life and lifestyle. Don’t just take my word for it, read an independent review below. All other customer reviews can be seen on my Google page here.

Ankita was really helpful in identifying whether a Thermomix was the right kitchen solution for me and once I’d made the decision to go ahead she facilitated my finding the best deal for me. Since my purchase of my TM6, Ankita continues to be there every step of the way. For our first interactive session, she ensured that my dietary requirements were taken into consideration for the cook-along. I’ve since attended other cook-along events and live sessions. Each one is interactive and is very enjoyable and enlightening. I continue to receive newsletters and invites and I know that Ankita is there for any queries. My only regret? I should have done this sooner!

Tracy Marina Duarte


If you would like a chance to see the Thermomix in action, why not join me on one of my Virtual Cooking demonstrations or book a face-to-face presentation? I’m hosting them every couple of days. Or given our current 8-week lead times, buy now and book your demonstration visit and welcome visit for the week yours arrives. You’ll find it much more useful then. And there’s a double advantage, invite some friends to that demonstration and you’ll get a gift just for hosting. If one of them buys, you’ll get a referral gift too. So you really don’t need to wait for a Thermomix offer? We have you covered every single day.

To book call me today on 07977 563537 or see one of my socials (FacebookInstagram, or YouTube) for more recipe inspiration in terms of photos and videos. Or if you have already scoured the internet for information on Thermomix and just want a chat, then give me a call, I’m happy to answer any and all your Thermomix inquiries.dal

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