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Thermomix Black Friday 2021 Deals Announced

We never reduce the price of our star product, Thermomix TM6, but I’m pleased to announce the following bundles. These items are available from noon on Tuesday 23rd November to midnight on Tuesday 30th November, whilst stocks last.

          TM6 ACCESSORY SET 

  • Bundle includes: Mixing Bowl Complete TM6 , Thermomix Spatula, Blade Cover
  • Discount: 30%
  • Cost-saving:  £60
  • Price: £140
  • Description:  For the ultimate Thermomix lover, say hello to the TM6 accessory set! With an extra bowl that enables you to multi-task and speed up your prep time, the blade cover, perfect for enhancing your slow cooking and sous vide recipes and a handy spare spatula, this bundle has all the accessories you need!



  • As above but with TM5 Bowl


  • Bundle includes: Christmas Cookie Cutters, Baking Mat, TM Christmas Apron Adults, Very Thermomix Christmas Cookbook
  • Discount: 40%
  • Cost-saving:  £28
  • Price: £142
  • Description:  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…with a little help from our Christmas baking bundle. With cookie cutters, a festive apron, our Christmas cookbook, and a silicone apron, this bundle is ideal for whipping up all sorts of festive treats!



  • Bundle includes: Rockstar Stoneware Betty, Meater, Oven Gloves
  • Discount: 33%
  • Cost-saving:  £60
  • Price: £120
  • Description: Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a roast! Betty, our stoneware dish is perfect for cooking any joint of meat. Paired with Meater, the world’s first wireless smart meat thermometer, you can be sure that your roasts will be perfect every time!




  • Bundle includes: 50th Anniversary Apron, 50th Anniversary Cookbook 50th Anniversary, Green Spatula
  • Discount: 50%
  • Cost-saving:  £33
  • Price: £33
  • Description: To celebrate 50 years of Thermomix®, we’ve created an extra special anniversary bundle! With a striking orange apron, limited edition green spatula, and our brand new cookbook ‘Then. Now. Always.’, this bundle is perfect for every Thermomix lover!



  • Bundle includes: Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Yoghurt Pots, Thermomix Lunch Box, Cool Bags (White)
  • Discount: 30%
  • Cost-saving:  £16
  • Price: £38
  • Description: Whether it’s drinks or snacks, cold food, or hot food, our on-the-go bundle gives you the flexibility to prepare your favourite Thermomix® recipes in advance and take them out with you!



  • Bundle includes: Rockstar Paul, Oven Gloves, Pizza Cutter,  Pizza Booklet
  • Discount: 40%
  • Cost-saving:  £28
  • Price: £42
  • Description: Whether you like stuffed crust or thin & crispy, loaded with toppings or a simple Margherita, our Pizza Perfection kit is packed with all you need to create your very own pizza creations!



  • Bundle includes: Love at First Bite Cookbook, Bamboo Plate, Set of Spoons and Containers
  • Discount: 40%
  • Cost-saving:  £17.40
  • Price: £40
  • Description: Introducing Love at First Bite: My Weaning Journey! From the first taste of a puréed broccoli floret to the exciting challenge that a full meal packed with diverse textures and flavours presents, this weaning guide is here to guide your baby towards a happy, healthy, and joyful relationship with food.



  • Bundle includes: The Sweet Cookbook, The Savoury Cookbook Meals in Minutes Recipe Booklet, Cookbook Stand
  • Discount: 50%
  • Cost-saving:  £36.50
  • Price: £36.50
  • Description: Looking for recipe inspiration to liven up your menu? Whether you’re looking for sweet, savoury or even a speedy mid-week meal, our essential cookbook bundle has you covered!



  • Bundle includes: A Taste Of India Recipe Chip, The Sweet Cookbook Recipe Chip British Isles on a Plate Recipe Chip
  • Discount: 50%
  • Cost-saving:  £15
  • Price: £15
  • Description: From much-loved classics such to something a little different, our recipe chip bundle is crammed full of inspirational ideas for you to try in your Thermomix® TM5.


Whilst you can buy on I do encourage you to buy via an Advisor. It’s the same price – so you don’t pay a penny more, but attached to an Advisor you get a demonstration, welcome visit and support throughout your ownership by a dedicated member of the team. We don’t make any commissions on bundles like these, but our promise to you is giving you as much information to make informed and correct decisions.  We put in the work so you don’t have to. If you have benefitted reading this, then please do support the Advisor network.

If do want go online, please add my name, Ankita Stopa or my Advisor number 8000000068 (7 zeros!) as part of the online transaction.

Contact me on email:, or text or WhatsApp me on 07977 563537 if you would like to place the order via me on the phone or if you need any more information.


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