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Thermomix Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cake

It’s Saturday night and my darling daughter has been unwell for a few days. She hasn’t eaten much and has requested cake. She’s gone to bed early. As a mother, I’m concerned and thought I’d surprise her in the morning with cake. Eggs, flour and sugar…at least she’ll eat something right?

Luckily, my Thermie to the rescue and so easy to make cupcakes without any thinking. Thanks to my lovely friend and former Thermomix Advisor, Kerry New, for the converted cake recipe from WI Australia. It’s so easy to convert your favourites into a Thermomix way and this one is my all time favourite. The plain vanilla version is gorgeous, but add a couple of teaspoons of coffee liqueur, its a coffee cake; the rind of a lemon or orange, it becomes an lemon or orange cake.

Edit: Yasmin is now 9 years old and the cake is still her favourite. Used for every birthday cake in the past 10 years. This cake is a real winner with all kids.

5 thoughts on “Vanilla Cake”

  1. Omg! I can never get cupcakes right but these ones turned out perfectly. Made these for my son’s class for his birthday and everyone gobbled them down and was commenting how good they were. The perfect sweetness with a touch of frosting. Very fluffy. Amazing texture. Only change was I had my oven on 170C for the same time and they were perfect.

  2. Great recipe – first ones that came out right as we like them in the Thermomix. Had been using a failsafe Odlums Ireland recipe for years but for some reason it doesn’t work in the Thermomix. This will be on our favourites.

    1. Thank you so much Marie. I can’t take the entire credit for the recipe as my friend converted it, but yes, it’s our staple go-to cake too in the Stopa household.

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