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Lemon Concentrate Cleaner

This lemon concentrate cleaner is a beauty. First written on the Thermomix UK website when I bought my TM31 back in 2009, it’s been lost in the archives and I’m here to revive it.

Lemon contains both acidity found in the juice along with grease-cutting oil within its skin, combined to create a superb cleaning companion. The acid in lemons is also antibacterials and antiseptic and acts as a natural bleach. The citrus smell of lemon is refreshing and invigorating. Oils in the rinds help the clean and shine. With salt, you can throw away many of the harsh, chemical-based products under your sink or in your cleaning cupboard.

But there’s just one caveat to bear in mind. While lemons and lemon juice can do a great job with many household chores, it is not a disinfectant. In other words, it is not a good substitute for bleach or related products when you are actually trying to remove dangerous microbes from cooking surfaces. Because food safety is important, be sure to hang onto appropriate cleaning products and use them as needed.

Uses include cleaning copper bottom pots and pans, countertops, drains, glass cleaning, fridge freshener, microwaves, cheese graters, wood cleaner, etc. Of course, I use it to clean my TM bowl too. This homemade lemon cleaner is acidic and can be used to clean countless things in your home.

Disclaimer – Thermomix® is a cooking appliance intended to be only used for food preparation.

However, the recipes here are using food ingredients – lemon, salt, water, vinegar I also have multiple Thermomixes and TM bowls, so I can safely use separate bowls for making these without any cross-contamination. If in any doubt, don’t make them.

2 thoughts on “Lemon Concentrate Cleaner”

  1. Do we need to keep this in the fridge if our room temperature is above 29degrees Celsius at all times?

    1. Hi, Trina, if you are lucky to have high room temperature, then yes, I would suggest to keep it in the fridge to preserve it for longer. Thanks, Ankita

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