One Girl and her Thermie

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Readers can clearly see that I have children under 10. Yes, I do many adult, chef-y recipes in my Thermomix but as other parent, I cook to the feed the household. Cook is a very lose term in the Stopa household because I also ‘cook’ non-food items in my Thermomix and this bubble recipe is one of those times. I found this recipe on the Passion for Juice blog and am really grateful. It’s provided hours of fun for the family. This bubble mixture keeps for weeks.


Disclaimer – Thermomix® is a cooking appliance intended to be only used for food preparation.

However, the recipes here are using food ingredients – sugar, spices, coconut oil, food colouring etc. which I do cook with so I am happy to make ‘beauty’ products using my Thermomix. I also have multiple TM bowls, so I can safely use separate bowls for making these without any cross contamination. If in any doubt, don’t make them.

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