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Thermomix TM6 Polish Class

Thank you for attending the Thermomix Polish class. I hope you enjoyed it. I have always wanted to do language-specific classes with my team, and even though my husband is Polish (hence my surname, Stopa), I have never had a team big enough to pull this off. I’m delighted we finally did.

Now that I have a growing team of Polish Advisors, we are able to host cooking classes for our current and future customer base. It was their first time doing a Cooking Class and I think they did brilliantly, especially since none of them have met in person yet but all of this was done remotely. Magda is my longest-standing Advisor and has been demonstrating for nearly 4 years, whereas Monika joined in April this year and Mariola just last month; both trained during the lockdown.

Here are the Cookidoo recipes the girls demonstrated on Zoom. 

I appreciate we sent invitations via email, Facebook, and WhatsApp, so it would be great as a follow-up if you could let me know how else we can help you? 

  • Are you a Thermomix Owner already? 
  • Which model?
  • Do you already have an Advisor, is it one of my team? I’d be happy to put you in touch with one of my team if you are what we call an orphan customer (i.e. an owner without an Advisor).
  • What other types of class would you like to see us do?

Many customers become Advisors for the love of Thermomix, and we have weekly opportunities to join the Thermomix team. Some join the Thermomix business, like me, for the pure love and passion for sharing Thermomix with anyone who will hear about it. Others join it to start a new business opportunity or add additional income, especially relevant now with job uncertainty and furlough schemes being stopped shortly. Some join to simply reduce the cost of their Thermomix on our Earn and Demonstrate program and stay on.

If you are interested in joining the business as an Advisor, please let me know. Joining our growing Thermomix team has never been easier, with remote training, a loan Thermomix and full support throughout your earn and demonstrate challenge. 

Full details about training and the Advisor role, but if you need to fill any gaps in, have a read of my website and have a look at my socials below. 

If you would like to book a demonstration or find out more, please contact me on or call/text/ WhatsApp me on 07977 563537.

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