One Girl and her Thermie

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Thermomix Rap by AI

So everything is using AI this days and as an educator it frightens me how many of my students are using artificial intelligence programs to do their homework or coursework. I’ve been on the marking side of this and it was a disaster. Reading coursework that wasn’t relevant to our content and analysis that was way beyond the curriculum of the learners. It seems like cheating, not learning. Fooling only yourself.

However, as a tool for marketing in a small business, using my ‘other’ small business/ entrepreneur head, I thought I’d give it a try. I’m a Thermomix expert, there’s not much in the world of Thermomix I don’t know or have experienced as an owner for nearly 15 years and an Advisor for just months shy of that. So I thought I’d I’d challenge Chat GPT on something that I don’t have the time or skills to do.

Explain Thermomix and what it does in a rap. Write a ‘Thermomix Rap’.

Here’s the result:

Yo, listen up now, I got something to say
About a kitchen machine that’s changin’ the game
It’s called Thermomix, and it’s dope as hell
Let me tell you ’bout it, let me give you the sell

It whips and blends, steams and grinds
Makes cooking so easy, it’ll blow your mind
A chef’s best friend, it saves so much time
Precise in its measure, so your meals are fine

It’s versatile and sleek, with a modern design
Creating gourmet dishes, you won’t believe it’s mine
A must-have in the kitchen, don’t be left behind
With a Thermomix, your culinary skills will shine

So if you want to up your game and impress your crew
Get yourself a Thermomix, it’ll do wonders for you
From soups to sauces, desserts to stews
It’s the kitchen machine that’ll make all your dreams come true

I think it’s pretty good. Accurate. True. And I kind of like it and it was so much quicker than me having to think like a songwriter or even more challenging a ‘rapper’. So whilst, I’m not going to use AI for my blog and website, I thought this was a fun, creative post to share.

Do share your best ‘Thermomix Raps’ in the comment section, I’d love to hear them.


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