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What support do I get if I train as an Advisor?

Your Branch Manager is there to support you as you start your new business. They will conduct that you undergo the required face-to-face training at one of our branches, and will also do training directly with you. The initial onboarding training includes the practicalities of conducting a demonstration, in addition to sales training of Thermomix and use of our systems. 

You are then handed back to your recruiting Advisor and Team Leader who will support you as much as you need. Being part of a team, means there will also be other team members who are either new and at the same stage as you, or more experienced to support you with your Advisor journey. We’ve all been there so know what it’s like to start a business and are here to hold your hand.

I have been a part of a great team since the beginning, where everyone wants everyone else to succeed. 

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