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How to purchase a Thermomix®?

Pan-da-tastic Promotions for Grand Prix

For the third year, the UK is competing in the Vorwerk Grand Prix race.  Always at the end of May/ June, we race against another Vorwerk country to see which country can make more sales in the challenge period. The first year we were against the USA, last year China and this year Portugal. You may think we have this, Portugal is only two-thirds the size of the UK, with a population of approximately 10.3 million people compared to our 67.3 million people. But the awareness of Thermomix (called Bimby, in Portugal) is 18% compared to our 4% so we have our work cut out for us.

To beat them, we need good offers and have just that for you.

New customer offers starting next tomorrow (which also happens to be my birthday) are as follows:

1st Bundle is you buy a White Thermomix TM6 at full price and get a Black Noir TM6 for half price.

The TM6 Noir is back with an impressive £639.50 discount! This is the perfect opportunity to find your ideal match and team up with a friend or family member to take advantage of these significant savings. You’ll each receive a 25% discount, effectively paying just £959 instead of £1,279 for your TM6! This is the first time we’ve ever offered a discount on the TM6.

Even if you don’t have someone to team up with, there are plenty of reasons to consider owning two Thermomix machines:

  • Double the Convenience: Having two TM6s allows you to multitask and prepare meals more efficiently, whether it’s for a large family gathering or a dinner party.
  • Perfect for University Students: Send your child off to university with their own Thermomix, ensuring they can enjoy home-cooked meals away from home.
  • Ideal Wedding Gift: Give your son or daughter a TM6 as a wedding gift, setting them up for culinary success in their new life together.
  • Second Home or Caravan: Equip your holiday home or caravan with a TM6, so you never miss out on gourmet cooking, even while traveling.
  • Celebrate Special Occasions: Surprise your best friend on their birthday or wedding with a unique and practical gift they’ll cherish.
  • Holiday Savings: Take advantage of the discount now and save on a special Christmas present for a loved one.
  • For Home and Business: Keep one TM6 at home for personal use and the other at your office, restaurant, or business to enhance your culinary offerings.

Terms & Conditions –  There is no finance option on this. One payment only. This is valid from 28th May to 30th June 2024. Both Thermomixes need to be delivered to one UK address.

2nd Bundle You can buy either a Thermomix TM6 in white or a black Thermomix TM Noir and get a free 2nd bowl worth £169 and up to 3 years of 0% finance. See monthly payment costs below.

Finance breakdown:

  • 12 months 0% Finance – £106.58pm for 12 months
  • 24 months 0% Finance – £53.29pm for 24 months
  • 36 months 0% Finance – £35.52pm for 36 months
  • 48 months 14.9% APR – £34.93pm for 48 months
Terms & Conditions –  This 0% finance and free mixing bowl is valid from 28th May to 10th June 2024.
As you can imagine, we expect many people to jump on these offers. I am taking pre-orders, and bookings for face-to-face and online demonstrations now – I’ve already done one this evening! Even if you have previously seen a demonstration or own an older model, and just want a chat. Please do get in touch to book yourself in.


CONTACT ME TODAY for more information.

Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
Advisor ID: 800 000 0068
Phone: 07977 563537

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