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Lemon scrub

Citrus Body Scrub

It’s been a long, long winter this year in the UK and my skin needs a bit of a pick me up. If you have skin that feels rough and dry, then this fresh citrus body scrub is the scrub for you.

The ingredients are all natural and individually all have their own benefits:

Lemon. Ellen Marmur, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center (in New York), confirmed that lemon juice can, in fact, be useful as a natural deodorant because the citric acid in it kills bacteria and odour.

Lime’s ability to combat armpit sweat is due to its acidity. The acid in the lime juice helps reduce sweat production and can work as a natural deodorant. Additionally, limes have strong antibacterial properties.

Rock and pink salt is rich in minerals and has excellent cleansing properties, making a great exfoliating ingredient.

Disclaimer – Thermomix® is a cooking appliance intended to be only used for food preparation.

However, the recipes here are using food ingredients – sugar, spices, coconut oil, food colouring etc. which I do cook with so I am happy to make ‘beauty’ products using my Thermomix. I also have multiple TM bowls, so I can safely use separate bowls for making these without any cross contamination. If in any doubt, don’t make them.

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