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Chocolate Guinness Cake

This wonderful recipe for Chocolate Guinness Cake was used in our Thermomix Christmas Classes in 2017; originally from Janie Turner, on her Cook with Janie website and very similar to the Chocolate Guinness Cake recipe on Nigella Lawson’s website too, which Janie did credit it too.  Whichever fabulous lady takes ultimate credit, it doesn’t matter.

Guinness in a cake? Yes, this Guinness chocolate cake is perfect for any celebration and has become a favourite choice for birthdays. This cake is magnificent in its damp blackness. I can’t say that you can absolutely taste the stout in it, but there is certainly a resonant, ferrous tang. The best way of describing it is to say that it’s like gingerbread without the spices. Perfect for a Christmas celebration cake too.

Leave it un-iced for the natural look and taste or cover with either chocolate ganache or cream cheese frosting for that beautiful finishing touch.

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