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10 Reasons Not to Buy a Thermomix

I love this post so much from my dear friend and colleague, Natalie Locherer, it was too good, not to share. Original post on her Facebook page here.

  1. You love chopping. You can’t get enough of it. Why spend only seconds chopping your veg when you could spend 30 mins?
  2. Washing up is your hobby. You can’t get enough of it. More washing up? Bring it on!
  3. You love spending extra money on prepared food like mayonnaise, pizza and salads. You would hate to shortchange the supermarkets and spend that extra on yourself.
  4. You like to make things ‘the traditional way’. You wouldn’t dream of using a washing machine to speed up the laundry, mobile phone to look things up, or a car to speed up your journey to work. So why on earth would you want a Thermomix to help out in the kitchen when you can spend every spare moment in the kitchen?
  5. Meal planning floats your boat. You love it. In fact, no Sunday evening would be complete without getting EVERY cookbook on the shelf onto the dining table to decide what to cook for the week. Who would want a ‘spotify’ type platform for recipe inspiration when you can go back to basics? You know your favourite recipe is in one of your 10 Nigella books. You will find it soon. You know you will.
  6. You love lists. Nothing gives you more joy than to write out all the ingredients you need for the weekly shop. Imagine if a machine stole all that planning joy. No thanks.
  7. A visit to the supermarket is like meditation for you. You cannot wait to put on a mask, sanitise those hands and dive into Tesco with everyone else on Saturday morning. An app that meal plans AND connects straight to your supermarket delivery service would hold no sway in your house.
  8. Variety? Pah! Why make exciting meals when you could cook the same old menu week in week out.
  9. Fridge dinner procrastination is your favourite meal of the week. You love opening the fridge, wondering what on earth to make, and spending the next 90 minutes thinking about it. Take all that fun away by allowing you to type in your ingredients and give you instant suggestions? No way hosea. Not on your nelly.
  10. Let the non-cooks step in and give you a night off, by following foolproof step by step instructions? No thanks, you love being on call 24/7
Thermomix – don’t judge it till you have seen it! Want to take a second look? Call me now for a no-strings demonstration and all the information on how to get the best deal in September.
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