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Thermomix Friend: Salmon with Potatoes and Creamy Mushroom Sauce

(Strange how out of a 30-minute video – I did speed that’s the thumbnail Youtube automatically chose….I’ll go with it, I did enjoy a little tipple while the Thermomix and Thermomix Friend Did all the hard work).

Thermomix Friend is here! The perfect companion for your Thermomix, Thermomix Friend will halve your cooking efforts but double the ‘wow’ factor! Cook larger portions for big family meals, create different pasta sauces simultaneously for different tastes, or batch cook meals to freeze portions for another day. It’s all made easy with Thermomix Friend.

Here’s a recording of me using the Thermomix Friend for the first time – so yes, I have to connect the two appliances by Bluetooth together and then I cook this mouthwatering, Salmon with Potatoes and Mushroom Cream Sauce from the Thermomix Friend Welcome Booklet. 

The results were amazing. My household – read husband and children – were a bit dubious of the combination mushrooms with salmon (they prefer mushrooms with beef) but on the taste test, it was the perfect duo. The tangy, lemony salmon with the creamy mushroom sauce. Absolutely, yum. And yes, what’s better than perfect steamed potatoes as a side dish.

Full Cookidoo recipe is available here:…

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