One Girl and her Thermie

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How to purchase a Thermomix®?



Thermomix for Professionals

The ThermomixTM6 kitchen appliance is versatile and can do it all. This equipment is perfect for professional and home pastry chefs who want to make dynamic pastries and desserts.

The TM6 smart device handles all the chores of cooking. It can do everything from recipe planning, ingredient shopping, chopping, cooking, and cleaning. Cookidoo is Thermomix’s powerful recipe platform. It features step-by-step instructions that seamlessly guide users through every step of the cooking process. Thermomix automatically adjusts the temperature, cook time, and speed for each step. With just a push of a button, users can whisk, caramelize and brown, chop, steam or saute, stir, boil, knead and more using the appliance’s innovative technology.

Copied from this article showcases why a professional chef utilises Thermomix.

One of the biggest champions of the Thermomix TM6 is Chef Antonio Bachour. A multiple-time semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Pastry Chef Award, Bachour utilizes the TM6 in his own kitchens and has been using Thermomix products for years. Bachour recently shared with Bake Magazine his advice for bakers and pastry chefs who have Thermomix in their kitchens.

Bake: How can bakers and pastry chefs best utilize the Thermomix to craft desserts and pastries?

Antonio Bachour: Bakers and pastry chefs can use the Thermomix to do almost 100% of the preparation for both desserts and bread – including all creme anglaise, curds, sable, mousse, glazes, breads, and dough, etc. As you can see, I use the Thermomix to do nearly everything. It gives you the perfect texture, allows for 70% less in preparation time, and above all, delivers on precision and consistency for each and every recipe.

With transparency and health being important to consumers, how can Thermomix simplify the ingredient process?

The best thing about the Thermomix is the ability to cook items – such as eggs – that must be prepared at a certain temperature. The Thermomix is the only kitchen tool that can cook at such a precise pre-set temperature and will always have consistency in that temperature. The cooking process is entirely transparent and the ability to maintain the hygiene of the equipment is also key.

When did you first begin using the Thermomix and how has your relationship with the brand evolved from there?

I started using the Thermomix more than 25 years ago in Europe. I was fascinated by the speed of cooking and the amazing culinary textures it allowed me to create. The Thermomix is truly the most important piece of equipment in my kitchen and I use it every day.

Do you use the Thermomix in your personal life, and in what ways?

I do! We have one at home as well as in the bakery – and use it to make nearly everything there, too. I have taught my wife to make soups, vegetables, steam perfectly, make hummus, dips, sauces, breads, and of course, desserts.

You use plenty of fruit and chocolate in your pastries. Are these products ideal for use in Thermomix recipes?

Yes! I temper chocolate, make all of the fruit purees, and creams and mousse in the TM6. We also make all of the ganaches for the truffles and macarons in the Thermomix. Virtually any pastry ingredient is ideal for use in the Thermomix.

The Thermomix prices are as follows:

  • TM6 with one bowl, £1189 – £990.83 ex VAT
  • Chef packages, TM6 with two bowls, £1358 – £1131.67

And until Friday 16th December 2022, the ‘chef package’ is our current offer. Thermomix TM6 plus a second bowl, £1219. For an extra £30, you can buy a second bowl. This works out to a retail saving of £139, and in commercial terms the chef package for £1015.83 ex VAT.

Please contact me for more information.

Ankita Stopa
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07977 563537

The benefits of having a second bowl, blade and lid set

You’ve already experienced the time and money-saving benefits of cooking with Thermomix – now imagine what you can do with a second bowl, blade, and lid set!

It was my daughter’s birthday last month and of course, I had to bake her a cake. Her favourite is my vanilla cake with buttercream icing. Whilst I have a well-stocked larder, it’s not that well stocked when she says she wants to take a second cake back to school. I needed more icing sugar and having a second bowl handy to make a new batch of icing sugar from granulated is always helpful.

Since I do a lot of baking, I love having two bowls for suddenly having to mill that sugar or almonds, or even when I suddenly need ground cinnamon and only have cinnamon sticks. Two bowls are ever so handy and probably, in my opinion, the best accessory to have with a Thermomix.

Top 5 reasons for having a second bowl, blade, and lid set.

  1. Make ingredients from scratch – mill almond meal, icing sugar, or grated Parmesan cheese without stopping the flow of your recipe. Save time when you need to mill sugar, spices, or grains or grate cheese mid recipe.
  2.  A sparkling clean bowl is a secret to fluffy whipped egg whites and meringue. Use your second bowl to whip your egg whites, and keep your first to continue on with the rest of the recipe. Two of our favourites are the Chiffon Cake and Chocolate Mousse.
  3. Simply being able to swap bowls to reduce cleaning or save time when waiting for ingredients to cool or rest
  4. If you’re catering for special dietary requirements, you may like to allocate one bowl for those recipes to avoid cross-contamination.
  5. Keep one bowl for sweet dishes and one for savoury meals like curries, especially handy if you don’t want your lid stained with turmeric for those who use it.

You can purchase your second through me as an Advisor, at any point. They are priced at £169 and it’s money spent well. It is delivered by DPD courier, which is fully tracked and traced and with free shipping.

What’s in the second bowl, blade, and lid set box? 

  • Stainless steel bowl with handle
  • Bowl base
  • Mixing knife
  • Lid with a seal
  • Newly improved measuring cup
  • Simmering basket

Bowl, blade and lid setFor anyone reading this in November 2021, there is discounted price when you purchase it as part of Vorwerk’s Black Friday sale.  You can purchase a TM6 Accessory set which includes. second bowl, blade, and lid set (mixing bowl complete) PLUS a Thermomix Spatula and a Blade Cover for £140. This would normally be priced at £200, so you are receiving a 30% discount and saving £60.

For those with a TM5, you can also purchase a TM5 Accessory set which is the same except with a TM5 bowl.

Contact me on email:, or text or WhatsApp me on 07977 563537 if you would like more information or place your order. 



Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini is what you make for after dinner drinks, or when you need a pick-me-up but don’t want to fall behind the pack on a night out and here’s a simple recipe to make in your Thermomix.

The Espresso Martini was invented by the famous bartender Dick Bradsell, as a peculiar request from a British top model in his London bar in 1983.⁣

The espresso martini is a cold, coffee-flavored cocktail made with vodka, espresso coffee, coffee liqueur, and sugar syrup. It is not a true martini as it contains neither gin nor vermouth, but is one of many drinks that incorporate the term into their names

It’s got a jolt of caffeine with creamy flavour and a buzz of booze. It’s a true classic to kick back with! ⁣

The differences between TM5 and TM31

For those interested in finding out the differences in the previous and current models, here’s a quick and handy guide that should help.

The differences between the TM5 and TM31

  • the bowl is slightly bigger (10% larger);
  • the Varoma is also slightly bigger (10% larger);
  • they look different  – the shape is completely different
  • the TM5 has a touchscreen and dial whereas the TM31 has buttons and a dial;
  • the TM5 can weigh while the machine is operating;
  • the TM5 uses electronic recipe chips which allows you to access the recipes on the touch screen;
  • the TM5 has guided cooking and manual cooking, whereas the TM31 is only manual;
  • there are more temperature, speed, and weight options;
  • the butterfly whisk has changed design;
  • the lid closes and opens automatically (it has a slight delay in releasing the lid which is an added safety feature);