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Thermomix Advisor role

Advisor Incentives

What can I earn as an Advisor: Incentives

The beauty of a Thermomix Advisor, in addition to commissions, is the wonderful incentives we also earn.

I share this not to gloat but to share the business opportunity with people. When you have committed Advisors, who put in the work, time, and dedication to demonstrations, closing sales, recruiting new people to the business and more importantly looking after your customer base, you are not only rewarded by closing sales in this direct sales business but also by added extras.

Often the incentives are accessories or Cookbooks pre-launch, so Advisors have a chance to earn them, use them before we are asked for our honest consumer reviews, so just that in itself is a huge bonus to the Advisor role. Recall the Thermomix Cutter? Thermomix Advisors in the UK had the opportunity to earn this with sales and/ or recruitment drive many, many months before it was launched to customers. What’s more, we have several chances to earn one. You can’t ask for more than that from a company.

Below are some of the examples in a 3-month period of our sales and recruitment incentives this year:

January 2023 

Qualifying period 1st January -28th February, 20 Advisors, and 40 Team Leaders were in with a chance for an all-expenses, 4-day trip to Mykonos in May 2023.

Qualifying period 21st-31st January, one sale earned the multi-purpose bowls. This was the first chance these multi-purpose bowls were introduced to the market before they were released as a customer purchase incentive in July later this year. 

Qualifying period 21st-31st January achieved AND 1st-7th February a second sale earned the trolley bag. We are   given a travel bag as our Advisor business pack. But having one on wheels, is especially handy for those in London or who take public transport when going to demonstrations.

February 2023

Mykonos’ qualifying period continued, so for ‘big’ travel incentives like this, we have a longer period to qualify.

Qualifying period 1st -28th February,

  • 1 sale earned the newest Cookbook, Free From, and nut milk bags, worth £35
  • 2 sales earned £100 e-voucher to use in our Advisor Portal, £100
  • 3 Sales also earned the VC100 Kobold Handheld Vacuum Cleaner worth £130

Reminder, that this is in addition to commission on sales. So for 3 sales which equates to £515 in commission, you also can earn an extra £265 in Advisor incentives.

March 2023 

Fast Start Qualifying period 1-3rd March, the Advisor or Team Leader with the highest number of Personal Sales will earn a Thermomix Samonsite Backpack.

The head office often do this and it’s a great way to have a great month starting off quick and fast off the starting block. It also means its about being the quickest off the start line. This is open to everyone in the branch whether they have just joined or been in the business for a while and I really love the inclusivity of it.

Qualifying period 1-31st March, we had a number of Advisor incentives.

  • For 2 sales OR 1 sale + 1 Qualified Recruit, we could a Thermomix Tool Kit
  • For 3 sales OR 2 sales + 1 Qualified Recruit, we could earn a Thermomix Cutter AND a Thermomix Cleaning Brush
  • For 4 sales or 3 sales + 1 Qualified Recruit, we could earn a Thermomix Mixing Bowl




As you can see there is a lot on offer.

A sales incentive plan is a way to motivate and reward salespeople for reaching and exceeding their sales goals. It’s used in addition to a standard compensation plan. It’s part of the business I love. I love to earn ‘extras’ whether that is a branded pen or baseball cap to the big ticket items like a trip. It drives me to push myself that one step further and see the results. It’s there, you know what you can earn, the goal given to you at the beginning of the month, now you just have to plan how to achieve it. 

Advisor incentive programs  also make sellers feel valued. Direct sellers who feel valued are encouraged to keep up a high level of performance. If incentives are offered in the spirit of recognizing a job well done, they go a long way toward improving a worker’s sense of fulfillment, loyalty and retention.   I have team member who once said to me, “Ankita, I’m only joining to earn my new Thermomix TM6”. She was upgrading from a Thermomix TM31. But as soon as she did, another incentive came her way to earn a Thermomix Friend, then a diary and a new Cookbook etc. Three-years later she is still happily demonstrating. 
Never underestimate your own ability to do more. We all have one more sale in us to reach the next commission and incentive level. 
We are actively recruiting new Advisors all over the UK. Do get in touch if you are looking to join the business. You will join my team if you are in the East London area, but if you are elsewhere, I’ll put you in touch with a local Team Leader to look after you.

CONTACT ME TODAY for more information.

Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
Advisor ID: 800 000 0068
Phone: 07977 563537

Embracing the Side Hustle: Why Thermomix Advisor Role can be Awesome

In today’s fast-paced world, having a side hustle has become all the rage! A side hustle is like your cool part-time gig or side business that you do alongside your regular job. And you know what? Demonstrating Thermomix, the amazing modern kitchen appliance, can totally change the game for you! In this article, I’ll into why having a side hustle is a great idea and how showing off the wonders of Thermomix can unlock a world of personal growth, financial stability, and pure satisfaction in life.

  • Bringing in Extra Cash in Style

Who wouldn’t love some extra cash, right? Having a side hustle like demonstrating Thermomix is not just about money – it’s about bringing in that extra dough while doing something you truly enjoy. It’s like having your cake and eating it too! I personally do have another job that pays the mortgage, bills, and school fees, but I like to think of my Thermomix commissions as extra income which pays for holidays, shoes, and handbags. Of course, in the current environment, it is also helping to supplement the rising costs of my supermarket trolley too!

  • Unleashing Your Cooking Passion

Ready to turn your love for cooking into something amazing? Demonstrating Thermomix lets you explore your passion for culinary adventures and share your kitchen wizardry with others. Trust us, it’s a recipe for happiness! My friends affectionately call me ‘Nigella’ in the kitchen, as soon as I had a Thermomix in the kitchen, I became a kitchen goddess.

  • Nurturing Your Inner Entrepreneur

You’ve got that entrepreneurial spark, and demonstrating Thermomix can fan the flames! From learning the art of marketing, social media, and sales to maintaining customer relationships, you’ll be leveling up your business skills without even realizing it. These are great transferrable skills you can use not only in your Thermomix business but in other industries too.

  • Flexible Fun

Tired of being chained to the desk from nine to five? Demonstrating Thermomix offers the freedom to create your own schedule. It’s time to ditch the cubicle and embrace the fun and flexibility of your side hustle. Many newcomers are dipping their toes into self-employment with this role and this is the perfect way, to keep your main job/ income, but start building your side hustle and income stream to leave your job permanently.


  • Making Connections and Cooking Buddies

Imagine meeting awesome people who share your passion for cooking and kitchen gadgets. Demonstrating Thermomix opens up doors to exciting new connections and cooking buddies that’ll spice up your life! The beauty of the Thermomix direct sales model is that you are not on your own. You join a local team in your geographical area and are supported by a team leader, and branch manager in a branch; we are stronger as a team than as individuals.

  • Boosting Your Self-Confidence

Get ready to wow the crowd with your incredible demonstration skills! Being a Thermomix demonstrator will have you shining like a star, overcoming any stage fright, and leaving you feeling like a true superhero.

  • Mastering the Art of Thermomix

Whether you already own a Thermomix, or planning to join us on the Earn and Demonstrate Program, get ready to become a Thermomix expert! As you show off the appliance’s cool features, you’ll naturally become a culinary genius, armed with recipes and cooking hacks that’ll blow everyone’s taste buds away. You’ll learn not only the art of Thermomix but different cuisines, different dietary requirements, and different ways to cook.

  • Filling Those Gaps with Flair

Your resume or CV will thank you for this one! Many of our newcomers may have had careers prior to having children but for the past few years been parenting. Demonstrating Thermomix is an impressive addition that shows off your multitasking mojo, time management superpowers, and your ability to rock at being your own boss. It can be a great way of filling in those gaps to your next career move or stepping onto the Thermomix Career ladder where you start as a Thermomix Advisor, but have options of Team Leader, Branch Manager, and beyond. CV

  • A Heart Full of Fulfillment

Picture this: happy customers who are grateful for your cooking tips and the joy of turning your passion into a paying gig. Demonstrating Thermomix is a path to personal fulfillment that’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Are you ready for the ultimate adventure? Having a side hustle is a game-changer, and trying out Thermomix demonstrations will supercharge your journey! So, let’s spice up your life with that extra cash, cooking passion, and loads of fun. Embrace the side hustle and dive into a world of personal and professional growth like never before. Your journey with Thermomix awaits – and it’s going to be awesome!

Contact me today for more information about the Advisor Role.
Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
Advisor ID: 800 000 0068
Phone: 07977 563537



Thermomix Advisor Recruitment

There’s never been a better time to get your Thermomix business started than between Twixmas – the period of time between Christmas and New Year when you have time to plan your year ahead. I am actively recruiting Thermomix Advisors to start in 2023.

Start your Thermomix business and close just 4 sales to earn the brand new TM6 worth £1189. On the 5th Sales earn commissions starting from £120 per Thermomix. If you sell fewer than 4 Units, there is a discount. For only one sale, it’s a 20% discount, for 2 sales 50% off, and for 3 sales 80% discount. Many people join with the aim of the discount but stay on because they enjoy demonstrating so much.

I am specifically recruiting for team members in the East and Central London area, but anyone from within Greater London can benefit from being in my team. If you are outside this location, do still get in touch and I will be happy to redirect you to a colleague to look after you. I have Team Leader friends all over the UK, so I will make sure you are placed with someone who will look after you as well as I would.

How to Become a Thermomix Advisor

Thermomix is a multifunctional food processor. Its performance is demonstrated only during cooking experiences (demonstrations) at the host or hostess’ home with their guests, through an Advisor who presents its features and makes several recipes. Some Advisors do public demonstrations in their homes too. Since the pandemic, we can also offer customer virtual demonstration by Zoom, Google Meet or WhatsApp video too.

Becoming a Thermomix Advisor is an opportunity to have an interesting income while enjoying training, managing your own time freely, and discovering professional development to new professions, all in a friendly atmosphere. Join my team and work with me to find out more.

5 good reasons to join now:

  • Do you want to share your talents and share your passion for cooking?
  • Do you want to represent a brand with a strong reputation of being a market leader in their segment?
  • Do you want to manage your own time and work in a pleasant, supportive working environment?
  • To be in control of your own career development and work schedule?
  • Do you want to earn your Thermomix TM6 instead of buying it? Do you want to be part of a dynamic, fun team?

Fill in the contact me form with “I want to hear more about the demonstrator opportunity” option and I’ll send you information as soon as I receive your message. Or contact me directly; details below.

Please contact me for more information.

Ankita Stopa
Diamond Plus Team Leader & Advisor 800 000 0068
07977 563537

How much can I earn as a Thermomix Advisor?

How much you earn with your Thermomix business is a direct result of how much time you invest.

By becoming a Thermomix Advisor, you unlock commissions on both on sales of Thermomix and on introducing someone to the business.  It can be a rewarding income for someone looking for some extra cash as a side hustle to your current career, or someone looking to get back into the working environment if you have been out of work for a while.

Book a chat to hear about the business opportunity, and we’ll be able to share the commissions & time commitments with you and explore your business goals together. 

CONTACT ME TODAY for more information.

Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
Advisor ID: 800 000 0068
Phone: 07977 563537

Why being a Thermomix Advisor is great

Every year, I ask my team to write, their ‘whys’. Why are they in the business and why do they continue to demonstrate? We are all self-employed in our roles as Thermomix Advisors (even me), so it’s truly important to understand each individual’s goals and dreams, their ‘why’ they are in the business.
For many of my team, we were owners first and foremost, or they join the Earn and Demonstrate program and vow to leave as soon as they have earned their Thermomixes. But then they stay. Initially, saying to themselves it’s just for a one or two, to earn the next incentive or simply for that extra pocket money it provides. They enjoy the comradery of being in our team, the regular branch meetings, and team meetings which brings them a sense of belonging.
Everyone’s journey is different and beautiful, which makes us a diverse team with different goals.
For anyone considering the role of a Thermomix Advisor, here’s a great testimonial of why one of my Advisors is still in the business after joining us in January 2015.

It helps me stay really engaged with my Thermomix, keeping up to date with everything new and not getting stuck in a rut.
I still love meeting new people and for the most part, witnessing first-hand their enthusiasm for their TMs.
I learn new things. According to my nephew (13), I’m an adventurous cook. And the pizza he had here was the best he’d ever had. Can you get a higher accolade?!
Over the years, I’ve earned some lovely things, almost by accident. My favorites are the Le Creuset cookware and Rockstar Ben, the baking mat,  extra TM bowls (of course), the hand-held Kobold, and now The Friend.
It’s wonderful to have a bit of extra money going into a designated account-again, almost by accident. I’ve bought myself a MacBook Air, paid for a holiday to Cyprus-just for me, paid for a trip to Morrocco with friends, and bought a new dining room table-supposed to have arrived for Xmas but probably stuck in a lorry somewhere. Ah well…
There is nothing quite like the buzz of closing a sale but more importantly knowing the TM really is a great appliance and can help people in so many ways.
It’s also a great pleasure to have these little incidental chats with people that come out of the blue. Recently, my Polish Tesco shop delivery man spotted my TMs through the window and asked me how I was getting on with them…Of course he, his mum, and sister both have one and have had for years.
I’ve said before and I still think it’s true, 3 of the things I enjoy in my life are performing on stage, having fun at a party, and teaching someone something new.  Being an advisor…Bingo!!

Have you considered becoming a Thermomix Advisor? If so, please contact me at or call/ text/ WhatsApp me on 07977 563537. I hold Thermomix Advisor Opportunity meetings every week, or we can catch up on the phone or go for a coffee for a chat. I’d love to hear from you.

Earn extra money with Thermomix

If you want to make extra money in the UK, then you’re in the right place. The UK is a great place to find work that you can do – where and when it suits you. The role of a Thermomix Advisor is a great way to add additional income to your current job or to start a new career.

Whether you’d prefer to work online when the kids are at school, or would like to find a job that you can do during evenings or weekends, there are plenty of opportunities out there. Some of them are quick money-making ideas, while others are more long-term prospects.

Some options require you to put in good, solid hours of good old-fashioned hard work, while others need very little effort at all once you’re all set up. Joining us as a Thermomix Advisor is the best of both worlds. The income you can earn is entirely down to the hours and effort you put in.

We work as a direct sales company and are actively recruiting now.

The beauty of a direct sales business like Thermomix, especially in the current climate, direct selling offers important benefits to people who want an opportunity to earn income and build a business of their own. In these uncertain COVID times, it’s the perfect opportunity to earn a little extra on the side, if you have been furloughed or made redundant, and looking for a stop-gap until you find your next job.

So like well-established direct sales companies such Amway or Avon, Vorwerk/Thermomix is just like any other business opportunity where you have honest, hard-working individuals selling a fabulous product they truly believe in. Someone who just wants to do good, honest work.

Anyone can be an Advisor and I have men and women in my team, who work full-time, part-time, or were house persons before they took this role. The role fits in around their main career and family life. We have all ages and all ethnicities. But together we form the most amazing and supportive team. We form a Thermomix family.

I truly believe that everyone who sees a Thermomix demonstration, will buy, eventually. From my years of experience, sometimes that’s the next day, the next week, month, or even a year. But the more demonstrations you do, showcasing this wonderful kitchen appliance, the more you are building your Thermomix tribe and pipeline. It’s a numbers game. The more demonstrations you do, the more people you show Thermomix to, the more content on social media you share, you are creating awareness of Thermomix, and people will reach out and buy.

We have two ways to join our team (#JointheMixers). The first is Earn and Demonstrate, where we give you a Thermomix and you have 90-days to sell 4 to have a 100% discount on the appliance. From the 5th sale, you earn commissions. The other program is if you already own the latest model of Thermomix, then you can join the Owners program and earn commissions straight away. Both pathways offer training and support from me as your recruiting Advisor and Team Leader, and continued support throughout your Advisor Journey. Don’t take my word for it, read testimonials from my members, and if you are happy to find out more, get in touch.

You could even have earned your Thermomix and earned extra money by Christmas if you join in September.  Are you ready to begin your journey?

Remember that you will need to register with HMRC for taxes if you undertake work on a self-employed basis.


Why join the Thermomix Business?

Many people out there wonder, why it’s so great to join the Thermomix Business.

With the permission of my fabulous team, I thought I’d share their ‘why’. These are my lockdown recruits, so all were recruited and trained after March 2020.

It brings me great pride that all these newcomers not only earned their new Thermomix TM6s by achieving their first 4 sales within their 90-days (or sooner), but they have stayed in the business. Many Advisors stay in the business becuase of fabulous training from the company, the support from the team and of course, when you believe in the product, it’s an easy sell. As a Team Leader, I do everything I can to support, encourage and motivate my team to be the best they can. Throw in the fact that after your first 4 sales, you start earning commission, incentives and trips, there’s plenty of reasons why to stay in the business long term.

But for me personally, helping indivdiuals, men and women, achieve a successful Thermomix business, seeing them grow in confidence, learn new skills and some money is the most satisfying thing. Our team is not just a group of people who work together, we become a family who supports and looks after each other – a Thermomix family.

Enough about me, here’s my latest recruits and their whys….

For me, lockdown 2020 only has connotations of joy as it very much kickstarted my Thermomix business. Although I signed up wanting to upgrade my TM31 and thinking i’d be able to demonstrate the TM6 in person, I actually only managed one – on the 12th March – before having to self-isolate a day later! And in all honesty, even though I have been technically stretched, I have loved all the zooms and social media posts I have had to do. When I think back over 2020 I don’t think of lockdown doom and gloom but the opportunity to bake from scratch with ease and to be hospitable with neighbourly doorstep food parcels drops. I think of hot-cross buns at Easter, Elderflower cordial production in May, chocolate ice cream during the summer, and Trifle at Christmas. I love how easy it is to be an awe-inspiring culinary expert at a push of a button!

Why am I in the business? I’d be so stupid to have let the opportunity pass me by! Thank you SO MUCH, Ankita for convincing me to give the TM4U a programme a  go and I didn’t have to think twice about staying on! I love how my business can wrap around my other responsibilities and yet still be at the forefront, rather like the kitchen is always the epi-centre of every home. Having 60,000 recipes at the touch of a button offers me and my customers a wealth of inspiration and fuel to feed those we hold dear. The TM6 has revolutionised the way I feed my family and I am desperate to convince those around me why they need a TM6 in their lives too – and the fact that it can be income-producing really is the icing on the cake. There are three types of work – jobs (9-5, dull, pay the bills) careers (spend life working a way to get to the top), and hobbies (doing something you love with the luxury of being paid!) Thermomix is so much more than a hobby but one that I love doing every single day.



“To improve myself and others,  to don’t give up without trying” 

I was ask twice to become an advisor, and I declined.

Firstly, in 2010, as I thought my English wasn’t good enough.

The second time in 2015, I didn’t join as I didn’t have the support of my husband or friends.

Today, with my big smile on my face, bottle of champagne and bunch of flowers from my husband (he apologised me, for not believing in me) I am telling everyone is worth to trying as I earned my Thermomix with first 4 weeks (in August 2020), and I am full time working mum of 6.5 year old twins. 

Vorwerk have also great motivation program, what I really like,  so that’s why I am not loosing nothing.  I would like to try to get the opportunity,  to learn new skills,  earn extra money,  and meet new people. 

And this is what I already benefit since I joined the company. 

I am getting more confidence,  as I doing live videos on social media,  I meet so many lovely people,  and I started to chat with then as long time friends- and we did not even meet yet (so lovely especially during this difficult time).

And I do enjoy earning extra money on top of this. 

Thank you for having me in your team.


Why did I join the business? Because I love food and love to cook, but that’s probably what everyone says.

I’ve got my Thermomix TM5 in May 2018 as my Birthday present from my husband, he said every good Chef has a good Sous-Chef. 

After having my second baby, I experienced post-natal depression in April 2020, a newborn and toddler, no external help due to lockdown. I only got out of bed because my children needed me and all inspiration and motivation to cook was gone, I’ve still cooked! I’ve let my son choose the pictures on Cookidoo he liked and simply cooked that. While everybody was complaining during lockdown number 1 what food they miss, we’ve had it all:  chicken katsu curry, garlic salmon maki, fresh made tuna pizza with caramelized onions, pecan honey ice cream, Asia bowl….  you don’t need to be in a good inspired mood to cook with the thermomix. You just have to read the instructions and enjoy the outcome!

I know that there are a lot of mum’s and dad’s out there, not knowing that cooking can be so unbelievable easy. That you can cook healthy and versatile when you are alone with 2 Kids without neglecting them. I want to show them that they are not alone with their daily fights, juggling kids, job, cooking and household. There are a lot of us. I too carry a lot of things on my shoulders. Thanks to my Thermomix cooking is no longer one of them. We’re all in the same boat. Let’s help each other, shall we? 


This business has given me the opportunity to meet new people and learn how the fun of cooking can be.  Before I became a Thermomix Advisor I was always passionate about food, I used to spend numerous hours in the kitchen, cooking for my family and friends. I wanted to share my cooking knowledge with others and to build a community by sharing my Thermomix love. 



I heard about the Thermomix a long time ago but I didn’t have a chance to see the demonstration. Finally, I sent an email to Vorwerk that I would like to become a Thermomix Advisor. I received a reply, but I still wasn’t ready to start this journey. I didn’t believe that I can sell it, especially during the lockdown.

When my friend Monika became an Advisor, she convinced me to go for training. With Ankita’s support, I joined a team and within 3 months I earned my Thermomix. 

It was the best decision, I enjoy cooking with TM6 and sharing this experience with others. 


A Taste of Lisbon

I was super pleased to be one of the top 40 achievers on our Departures Board heading to Lisbon for a fun-filled foodie weekend in October 2019. Whisked off to the City of Seven Hills, experiencing amazing cuisine and staying at the luxurious Pestana Palace Hotel. Totally a trip to remember!

A warm welcome to Lisbon

Captured on arrival

Whisked for a catamaran harbour cruise

Cruise along Lisbon’s Tagus River onboard a luxurious Catamaran, at sunset while admiring the city sights! The 2-hour cruise includes sights of top Lisbon attractions and historical landmarks such as the Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery, all bathed in a soft sunset glow.

My fellow, Team Leaders from East London Branch

(from L-R Helma Honda, Shehnaaz Desai, Corrine Rowe and myself)

Capturing memories

 The 40 winners pose for the first of many group photos…

A beautiful start to a beautiful trip.


Highlights of BBC Good Food Show with Thermomix

As an Advisor, we sometimes get to help Thermomix UK at national events. Luckily in London, there’s quite a few and here are some of my highlights of the Good Food Show at Excel, in June.

Always packed with seasonal produce, ideas for al-fresco dining and hundreds of exciting producers and brands to shop from, get all the summer inspiration you need. Soak up expert masterclasses, live demos from the seasonal stages and much more. There Mary BerryTom KerridgeMichel Roux JrNadiya Hussain and James Martin (a Thermomix fan favorite) as they cooked up summer feasts in The Big Kitchen.

Attending events like this is a great way to practice our ‘elevator pitches’ but also a great opportunity to meet other Advisors from other teams, hang out with head office staff and celebrity chefs and actually treat it like a team bonding exercise. As a self-employed individual, we often work alone so exhibitions like this allow us all to be together and hang. The one thing I truly like about this role is what a great bunch of people we are. There are so many reasons people are drawn to the role – either their love for food or their family circumstances, extra income or a step towards a career if they don’t have one. But the reason, they stay in the business is the people. We are a really great bunch of supportive men and women, who genuinely care about well-being, healthy eating and each other.

Here are some of the highlights over the years:

James Martin cutting the ribbon at Birmingham Good Food Show

Thermomix Ladies welcoming visitors to our stand

Natarsha Lambie giving out some samples

Getting to meet the chefs at the stand. Here’s Cyrus Todiwala who came to tell us how much he loves his Thermomixes!

Quick demo recipes of herb breadcrumbs – bread, parmesan and herbs – it smells delicious

Advisors sneaking in a selfie

Enjoying talking to customers

Watching the chefs in action; Cyrus Todiwala of Cafe Spice Namaste

An official pose – Marivi Perello (Team Leader), Josie Wilkins (West London Branch Manager) and me

Thermomix Advisor fan favourite, James Martin