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Spiced Hot Cross Buns

Spiced Hot Cross Buns

You know you’re getting old when you catch yourself tutting at the sight of spiced hot cross buns on sale while most of Britain is still ploughing through Christmas cake. I can’t blame people for buying them – spiced, fruited breads are delicious at any time of year – but equally, I do regret the spreading of their brief season.

My style is to hold out until Good Friday, and then cram as many as possible into my diet until they disappear from the shelves (or, at least, from the promotional hotspots and back into the muffin and tea bread aisle).

This year and the past few years of course, of course, I’ve never had to purchase them as I’ve managed to scour the net and for testing purposes only and in the pursuit of perfection, found my perfect blend. We recipe tested this particular spiced hot cross buns at an Easter Workshop for my friend’s membership club, The Girly Gang, two years ago and the recipe was a hit for all guests.

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