One Girl and her Thermie

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Bread rolls

This was the original bread recipe, we used to do in the Thermomix TM31 days. It’s one of my favourite quick bread roll recipes as I think the addition of the olive oil, just makes the bread taste, oh so good.

Making bread in the Thermomix is so easy to do with the knead function of the Thermomix and it opens the possibility of so much more. All speciality bread doughs, pasta dough, pastry, shortbread, scones, dumplings, gnocchi can be done using this amazing knead function. Nothing tastes better than homemade bread, with its full flavours, freshness and the satisfaction you get in the making. You’ll never find a loaf that compares to the one you take from the oven. Master the art of baking fresh bread with your Thermomix

This can make 1 x 700g loaf or 12 bread rolls.

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