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Jamie Oliver’s Lamb Koftas

“These authentic lamb koftas are just how kebabs should be – fresh, spicy and full of flavour! ”

My kids were away for the summer which gave me a lot of spare time. Thermohubby and I managed to head to Istanbul for a long weekend and indulge. The food in Turkey was amazing and on our return, I wanted to find a recipe for Lamb Koftas.  I didn’t get round to it when I managed to capture a Jamie Oliver recipe on one of his Money Saving Meals programme (circa 2013) and came across this recipe for lamb koftas.

Authentic kebabs are delicious, full of nuts, spices, herbs and fruit, as anyone who’s tasted proper Middle Eastern cooking knows. In this recipe I’m using a spice called sumac (something I conveniently picked in Turkey) – it has a lovely flavour – but if you can’t find it, try lemon zest instead. Buy really good minced lamb, or else a cut of trimmed shoulder or neck fillet and mince it up at home in a food processor. If you buy slightly older lamb (hogget or mutton), it’s important to ask your butcher to remove the sinews, and that you cook the meat for a few minutes longer.

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