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Homemade yoghurt

There are a million different ways to make homemade yoghurt. You can order a starter or use a commercial yogurt as your starter. You can use a dehydrator, heating pad, crockpot, yoghurt maker, or oven to act as your incubator. However, this Thermomix recipe will knock your socks off every single time producing the most delicious yogurt.

There are a number of reasons why making your own yogurt is great, but I’ll give my top three reasons.

  1. Homemade yogurt is about half the price of buying plain yogurt at the supermarket. You can do the math yourself.  Milk is the main ingredient in yoghurt, so see how much it costs for a tub of yoghurt versus a pint or litre milk where you shop.
  2. You have more control over homemade yoghurt.  You can choose what type and brand of milk you start with, which yoghurt cultures or store-bought yoghurt to use as a starter, and you don’t need to put in any additives. No sugar. No nasties.
  3. It’s good for the environment.  There is no more need to buy so many little plastic cups of yoghurt.
Credit: This recipe has been slightly adapted from the Indian Cookbook which I sell in the online shop.

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