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Mission Possible: Vorwerk Annual Conference 2022

Mission Accomplished! 

I’ve just returned from Manchester this week and had the most amazing time. It was a combination of getting back out there after COVID restrictions which seem to have gone on for forever and ever and ever, and the fact that Vorwerk Annual Conferences are just simply getting better. Last year, we had a virtual conference as we were in lockdown so this in-person event was something everyone was looking forward to.

The aim of these events is always that we have a fabulous time. We should return home well trained, motivated, and feeling inspired to make the most of our Thermomix business with our teams. Vorwerk wants to make the Advisors and Team Leaders feel special and that their hard work is being recognised. And they certainly do a great job of doing that.

From the venue which was the Kimpton Clock Tower in central Manchester, easy to get to from the train station and even easier if you bump into fellow Advisors on the train so can figure it out together. The rooms were perfect with goodie bags on arrival and basically every time I returned to it, little gifts of appreciation we are given. To the main event from Diamond Advisor to the conference and gala, we are wined, dined and thoroughly pampered.


Photos: a) Security for our Mission Possible event, b) Conference c) Luke from head office protecting our Limited Edition, Thermomix TM6 Noir

This event was to launch our 2022 with new targets, and new commissions and celebrate our successes from 2021. Those who earned the trip to Siciliy were recognised.


Photos: d) Consistency awards, selling 3 TM6s a month in 2021, e) Diamond Plus Advisor, selling 120+ in 2021, f) Siciliy winners

I’m a middle-aged, fortysomething Team Leader, I am usually quite tame at these things. Drinking and dancing are something I leave to the younger folk. I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. But something happened to me this time. I’m not sure if it was the confinement of the past two years or these goodie bags that got me this time or the walk on the red carpet that made me feel like a Bond Girl rather than Tom Cruise’s sidekick.

I’m not sure if you read but the conference bags – containing exactly the same inside – a book, a pen, a water bottle – had different designs; one said Sleepyhead and the other Dancefloor Diva.

Now, I know which one I am, I know. I’ve said it, I’m a fortysomething woman. But I used to be a Dancefloor Diva, so I thought why not? I didn’t have to be sober or awake in case someone woke up from a nightmare or had a cold in the middle of the night, I didn’t have to bring the milk in before it went back or feed the kitty cats in the morning. I could sleep in. So I went for it. A little drinking, more dancing and a lot of fun. The rest of the night is a little hazy, but I can ensure you I had plenty of fun.


Photos: g, h, i, j – Post Gala Dinner fun. And before you ask, both Fabrzio and I are happily married to different people. He’s just my favourite team member. (Oops, I said it, I have a favourite).

Day two is where the training and meat-of-conference is delivered. Equally good, but not on so little sleep, slightly hungover. I think they do this on purpose as we’re more compliant when they introduce new information to us before sending us arm laden with more gifts home.


So I finish saying I’ve had an amazing few days. Thank goodness the conference was Friday/ Saturday, as I’m home by early Saturday evening and able to rest, relax, and spend time with my family before I go to work on Monday.

I said earlier that the aim of these events had an aim, so let’s see if Vorwerk achieved them.

Ensure we have a fabulous time  We should return home well trained✅ motivated, and feeling inspired to make the most of our Thermomix business with our teams. Vorwerk wants to make the Advisors and Team Leaders feel special, celebrate our hard work✅ and recognize our milestones.

So thank you to all who made this a fabulous event – to each and every head office staff, the event planner and hotel staff who made the event amazing. To the Advisors and Team Leaders, who made it fun. And the customers, if you didn’t choose me as your Advisor, I wouldn’t qualify for events like this, so thank you.

For everyone else, if you are looking to get a Thermomix on the earn and demonstrate the program, or join as an owner, then do join. Not only is this a nice side-hustle to earn a little income, but it’s an incredibly fun business to be part of. Get in touch, I would love to tell you more about the role and bring you into this fabulous work family. Even the senior management at Vorwerk UK agrees.

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Thermomix Blade Cover and Peeler

Just when you thought owning a Thermomix couldn’t get any better, Vorwerk has done it again. Introducing the newest Thermomix accessory – the blade cover and peeler.

The Thermomix Blade Cover & Peeler is the 2-in-1 accessory for the Thermomix® TM6® and TM5 that will take your cooking to the next level. Clean, scrub and peel vegetables without the mess or fuss at the touch of a button.

See a video of Thermomix Blade Cover Peeler in action

The new generation Blade Cover and Peeler not only protects the food during slow cooking and sous-vide cooking but now effortlessly scrubs and peels your potatoes. Why peel potatoes when you don’t have to? With the new Blade Cover & Peeler, your Thermomix TM5 or TM6 will effortlessly peel your potatoes and root veg for you.

Peeling Vegetables

  • The Blade Cover & Peeler is placed over the blade. To do this, hold it by the central plastic insert and make sure the shaft with the peeler is correctly positioned. Ensure the upward curved parts are on top of the higher positioned blades then press peeler down to secure it to the mixing knife. Place the vegetables in the mixing bowl (max. 800 g). For best results, use vegetables of the same size.
  • Add 600 g water, regardless of the number of vegetables used, and add 1 tsp oil (optional) to reduce frothing.
  • When using your Thermomix TM6, secure the lid and measuring cup then start Peeler mode.
  • With the Thermomix TM5, place the simmering basket on the mixing bowl lid instead of the measuring cup and peel your vegetables 4 minutes/speed 4.
  • Once the mode has finished, drain the peeled vegetables (retain the nutrient-rich water to water your plants) and continue preparing your recipe.

Sous-vide cooking and slow cooking

The blade cover peeler is the perfect accessory to make-ahead meals. These melt-in-the-mouth dishes will wait until your family or guests are ready to eat, without overcooking. The peeler function will help with the preparation, leaving your hands free and clean for other things. Let Thermomix take the effort out of cooking.

You’ll transform cheaper cuts of meat, fish, and poultry into the richest melt-in-the-mouth dishes by cooking them low and slow with the Thermomix Blade Cover attached for slow cooker mode. Just let your new Thermomix slow cooker do its thing while you do yours (work time, family time, or my time). Your food will be kept warm, without over-cooking, until you’re ready to plate up.

Or try out the French sous vide method when you treat yourself to those more expensive, finer cuts of meat and fish. Follow the simple guided cooking steps and we guarantee you’ll get the biggest restaurant-quality bang for your buck with the juiciest, nutrient-rich, and perfectly tender food you’ve ever cooked.

This beef rendang is by far my favourite slow-cooked meal using the blade cover peeler and I highly recommend it.

You can buy the blade peeler cover directly on the Vowerk UK website, here. If you’ve enjoyed this article then please add me as your Advisor, if you don’t have one. Either type my Advisor Number, 800 000 0068 or start typing my name, Ankita Stopa and it’ll come up. I don’t make commissions on accessories, but it’s just nice to be linked so we can stay in touch especially for recipe swaps and recommendations.

Keep cooking up a storm.

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Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
Advisor ID: 800 000 0068
Phone: 07977 563537


Thermomix Festive Bundle

Available from today (or while stocks last) we’ve gone and done it again. The perfect way to end this year with a Thermomix Festive Bundle.

For any purchases of Thermomix this month, you have the opportunity to purchase this Thermomix Christmas bundle for an additional £20, saving you £63. The bundle consists of the following:

????????Thermomix TM6 and all it’s accessories
????????Thermoserver, a 2.6L insulated serving dish designed to keep your food at its optimum temperature (hot or cold) for up to 3 hours
????????’A Very Thermomix Christmas’ cookbook, our ultimate Thermomix guide to everything Christmas from festive recipes to edible gifts and planning your Christmas meal
????????Thermomix Christmas Apron.

I’ve had the Thermoserver since August and love it. It’s the perfect size for a curry or casserole for keeping hot food, piping hot for hours but equally wonderful for keeping frozen fruit sorbet or ice-creams for the same amount of time.

I’m slightly jealous of this offer as I kind of want the apron myself; just saying. It’s the only thing I don’t have.

Of course, you could choose the Thermomix TM6 alone for £1149.

Note: All Thermomix comes with a 6-months Cookidoo subscription, 2-year warranty, and lifetime support with me as your dedicated Advisor. All purchases come with an offer of a virtual demonstration and a welcome visit.

This is Advisor exclusive and can only be purchased via our Advisor portal. I will do this over the phone with you so we can go through the order and security protocol. So please, come back to me with any questions or if you’d like to proceed with a purchase, while stocks last. Finance plan also available for domestic sales – click here for the Christmas bundle and for the standalone TM6 to be sent to my email so I can forward you the breakdown.

Contact me on or call/ text/ WhatsApp me on 07977 563537


VIP Lisbon Incentive Trip

To celebrate the launch of our Thermomix® TM6, I am thrilled to announce that I won the exclusive, High Flyers’ Club trip to Lisbon, Portugal’s City of Light! This was a sales and recruitment challenge between the months of April-July 2019 and I won. So apologies for my lack of availability this long weekend for cooking experiences but I’ll be celebrating.

How excited I am?

Voted the world’s leading city break destination in 2018, Lisbon is a charming, vibrant city that blends traditional heritage and art with contemporary experiences and modern nightlife. With its grand squares, awe-inspiring scenery, and seemingly never-ending coastline, Lisbon is the ultimate luxury getaway.

While a trip to Lisbon should be on everyone’s bucket list, a trip to Lisbon with Vorwerk should be on your ‘this year’ list! Our High Flyers’ Club trip will take you on a journey of discovery around this beautiful city, with one-of-a-kind activities and exclusive culinary experiences. Visit historic palaces, experience breathtaking architecture, indulge in world-class cuisine, and immerse yourself in the Portuguese way of life for a few unforgettable days.

Will you be joining us next year? Why don’t you join my team and allow yourself to travel the world by just doing what you love – cooking and sharing your passion with others.