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Chesnut and Wild Mushroom Soup

This Chesnut and Wild Mushroom soup, adapted for the Thermomix from a Neven Macguire recipe was showcased for the first time at ‘Christmas – All Wrapped Up’ classes in 2016. This was amazingly rich and smooth soup; warming enough to serve as a starter to the main event or as a nourishing meal during the holidays. It’s rich and creamy which this is a wonderful Autumn soup perfect for the Christmas season too.

Chestnuts are absolutely gorgeous roasted and simply enjoyed on their own, but they also lend their creamy, sweet flavour well to soups, sauces and stews.  Even desserts.

During a time when there’s a tendency to overindulge in everything, it’s great to know that the key ingredients in the soup recipe have nutritional benefits too.

  • Mushrooms are known to contain health benefits to support the immune system, they contain active compounds which have anti-tumour, cholesterol-lowering and virus-inhibiting effects (Powell 2010; AC 2007a)
  • Chestnuts help to relieve coughs and contain detoxifying properties

I prefer to serve this as a canape or amuse bouche, hence why the serving suggestion varies from 8-12. If you use espresso cups, it could even stretch to 16-20. All you really need is a couple of mouthfuls of this delicious soup to feel warm and fuzzy.

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