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How to purchase a Thermomix®?

Thermomix offers 2023

SPECIAL OFFER 0% Finance Extended Until Friday 8th December 2023

Pinch, punch, it’s a new month. The popularity of our 0% finance on all Thermomix purchases has been extended due to customer demand, to Friday 8th December 2023.



It’s great news, especially before the festive season and also before the price rise in January.

Do get in touch to place your orders for delivery before Christmas, and we can sort our post-sale demonstrations and support, especially if it’s a gift.

Ankita Stopa
Advisor 800 000 0068
Whatsapp 07977 563537

Turn a guess into a success: Thermomix Sensor launched

Turn a guess into a success:  Thermomix Sensor now guarantees recipe success beyond the bowl.


Get Thermomix TM6 plus 30% off the Sensor for purchases this month.

Go beyond the bowl and extend the Thermomix success guarantee to your oven, pan, and barbecue with the new smart thermometer that will help you turn a guess into a success!

Ahead of the festive season, so many choices:

🔥 TM6 Sparkling Black Or Iconic White
🔥 Add sensor for £89
🔥 Total £1278
🔥 Free Limited Edition Travel bag
🔥 Spread costs 36 months 0% finance

Anyone wanting to add our second bowl can add this too!
🔥TM6 Sparkling Black Or Iconic White and Second Bowl £1349
🔥Add sensor £89
🔥 Total £1438
🔥 Free Limited Edition Travel bag
🔥 Spread costs 36 months 0% finance

Application is done over email and uses a soft search to check your qualification rate. Information required: Your full name, email, and mobile phone number.

Contact me today for more information.
Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
Advisor ID: 800 000 0068
Phone: 07977 563537

August: like July, but even more hot and humid

August: like July, but even more hot and humid. Here’s our latest Thermomix offers for this holiday month.

Option 1

✅ Choice of *sparkling black / white TM6 for £1189 with free ice cream bowl

✅ First 1,000 orders can also order the Degrenne bowls for just £20.

✅ Available on one payment (credit, debit or payment link) or spread payments on Novuna Finance at 14.9% APR

✅ Validity 31st July to 28th August 2023

Option 2

✅ For £1349 you can buy the Thermomix and a second bowl (worth £169) on 0% finance over 12 months. This works out at 1349/12 = 12 x £112.41 per month. 

✅ This ‘Always Bundle’ Thermomix TM6 and Second will as it says, will always be available while the head office trials this offer. Our most popular and requested bundle is this one. I highly recommend it. 

✅ Thermomix UK and Novuna have introduced £1349 at a price point where it then 0%, so you are not restricted to a Thermomix and second bowl, you could also purchase a Thermomix and Thermomix Friend and get 0%, or other bundles. Ask me for more bundle options. I’ve suggested a few below.

(Prices are correct as of August 2023)

Contact me today for more information.
Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
Advisor ID: 800 000 0068
Phone: 07977 563537

Thermomix 0% and Second Bowl Offer plus BCP

Let’s move on to the next offer of our bumper June Grand Prix month.

What is Thermomix Grand Prix? It’s a 5-week period, started only in 2022, where Vorwerk countries compete against each other to be the best of the best. Do you care as a customer or potential customer? No? That’s absolutely fine. But what it means for you is 5-weeks for super customer offers to entice you to buy a Thermomix this month.

And have we got super customer offers for you? Of course, we have.

We continue with our affordability plan with zero percent finance across 3-years and we continue our second bowl offer. 

The real deal is always actually owning a Thermomix in the first place, but for those who like a deal, we have some good news. We want to make Thermomix affordable and offer extra peace of mind for that investment you are making with us.

Spreading the cost of Thermomix is always advantageous and I’m a huge advocate of purchasing on finance even with the 11.9% interest rate. But when it’s a 0% month, it’s a no-brainer.

  • 12-month plan: £99.08 per month (saving £74.00)
  • 24-month plan: £49.54 per month (saving £144.92)
  • 36-month plan: £33.03 per month (saving £218.24)

On the 36-month finance plan, it’s £33.03 a month which is less than the cost of a mobile phone contract.

But there’s more….

For any purchases from Tuesday 29th May 2pm to Monday 12th June 10am, any new purchases will also receive a second bowl, worth £169, and a blade cover & peeler, worth £32, so a total saving of £201.

Read my top 5 reasons for having a second bowl, blade and lid set.

So if owning a Thermomix wasn’t the prize enough on spread payments, a second bowl and blade cover & peeler offer is still a super saver deal. I usually recommend everyone buy a Blade Cover & Peeler anyway, so I’m glad that Vorwerk has added this to the bundle. 

If you’d like to place your order, then please do get in touch ASAP.

Payment options: One Payment by Visa or Mastercard over the phone with me on our secure portal, or I can email you the link for you to apply for the finance at home. I’m so pleased to let you know as of last week, the Soft Search function will be available on the Novuna customer finance link. This is a great feature as you can check if you are likely to secure finance before proceeding with your application.

For finance options, I need your full name, billing address, email, and mobile number as contact details plus how many months you’d like to spread the costs over.

You can also host a demonstration, virtual or face-to-face this month and receive a choice of host gifts.

Contact me today
Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
Advisor ID: 800 000 0068
Phone: 07977 563537

Thermomix New Year 2023, New Accessory and New Offers

Welcome to 2023. As announced this morning, we have not just one but two fabulous customer offers for new customers to take advantage of this month. Drum roll, please.

Offer 1: Thermomix TM6 and Thermomix Cutter for £1219.

Our newest accessory, Thermomix Cutter, which launched in winter 2022 is finally available for customers too. For anyone purchasing a Thermomix, you can take advantage of the reduced price of the cutter from £85 to £30, so the total cost of the bundle is £1189 + £30, £1219.


The Thermomix cutter has been designed for Thermomix TM5 (manually) & Thermomix TM6 (to be used with mode). I’m using the manual mode on speed 4. You can grate and slice with the cutter. You can either do thin or thick discs or slices.  The slicing functions are on side 1 of the cutting disc (dark side), while the grating functions are on side 2 of the cutting disc (lightside). The thickness of slicing or grating is determined simply by the direction of rotation.  Normal (clockwise) rotation will produce thick slices or strips, while anti-clockwise rotation results in thin slices or strips.
For existing customers, you can buy the Thermomix cutter today too, priced at £85. This is only available via Advisors so get in touch with me today to place your order for our latest accessory.

Offer 2: 0% finance for all sales from 3/1/22 2pm to 19/1/22 12 noon.

The appeal of 0% finance offers to customers is clear – it’s free. It offers a quick and easy way for them to purchase the high-value goods or services they want, without a hefty upfront cost. So we have for a limited period – read just two weeks – offer either the Thermomix or Thermomix & Cutter bundle at 0% for 12 months.

Contact me by email:, or text or WhatsApp me on 07977 563537 if you would like more information or place your order.