One Girl and her Thermie

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Thermomix demo

Why being a Thermomix Advisor is great

Every year, I ask my team to write, their ‘whys’. Why are they in the business and why do they continue to demonstrate? We are all self-employed in our roles as Thermomix Advisors (even me), so it’s truly important to understand each individual’s goals and dreams, and their reflections ‘why’ they are in the business. There’s a reason why even after 13-years I still am in the business and have a mature team of Advisors who stay in the business. The love for Thermomix is obvious a key element, but the team spirit amongst us is a reason to stay.

For many of my team, we were owners first and foremost, or they join the Earn and Demonstrate program and vowed to leave as soon as they have earned their Thermomixes. But then they stay. Initially, saying to themselves it’s just for a one or two, to earn the next incentive or simply for that extra pocket money it provides. They enjoy the comradery of being in our team, the regular branch meetings, and team meetings which bring them a sense of belonging.

Everyone’s journey is different and beautiful, which makes us a diverse team with different goals.

For anyone considering the role of a Thermomix Advisor, here’s a great testimonial of why one of my Advisors is still in the business after joining us in January 2015.

It helps me stay really engaged with my Thermomix, keeping up to date with everything new and not getting stuck in a rut.

I still love meeting new people and for the most part, witnessing first-hand their enthusiasm for their TMs.

I learn new things. According to my nephew (13), I’m an adventurous cook. And the pizza he had here was the best he’d ever had. Can you get a higher accolade?!

Over the years, I’ve earned some lovely things, almost by accident. My favorites are the Le Creuset cookware and Rockstar Ben, the baking mat,  extra TM bowls (of course), the hand-held Kobold, and now The Friend.

It’s wonderful to have a bit of extra money going into a designated account-again, almost by accident. I’ve bought myself a MacBook Air, paid for a holiday to Cyprus-just for me, paid for a trip to Morrocco with friends, and bought a new dining room table-supposed to have arrived for Xmas but probably stuck in a lorry somewhere. Ah well…

There is nothing quite like the buzz of closing a sale but more importantly knowing the TM really is a great appliance and can help people in so many ways.

It’s also a great pleasure to have these little incidental chats with people that come out of the blue. Recently, my Polish Tesco shop delivery man spotted my TMs through the window and asked me how I was getting on with them…Of course he, his mum, and sister both have one and have had for years.

I’ve said before and I still think it’s true, 3 of the things I enjoy in my life are performing on stage, having fun at a party, and teaching someone something new.  Being an advisor…Bingo!!

There are many advantages of being an Advisor from the ability to get a discount on your Thermomix, or earning it for free, by being part of a team, learning more about different cultures and cuisines, diets, and ways of life, earning commissions and Advisor incentives and exclusives from accessories to trips abroad. I have had so many wonderful experiences, rewards, and recognitions during my time as an Advisor that I cannot rate it enough.

Have you considered becoming a Thermomix Advisor? If so, please contact me at or call/ text/ WhatsApp me on 07977 563537. I hold Thermomix Advisor Opportunity meetings every week, or we can catch up on the phone or go for a coffee for a chat. I’d love to hear from you.

Thermomix TM6 virtual demonstration

Watch this recorded demonstration of my live Thermomix TM6 virtual demonstration on Friday 23rd October 2020. Thank you to those who attended and asked so many valuable questions that made the cooking times in between go so fast.

Please find below the recipes we cooked together today.

I’ll pop the photos of the end results in my social media feeds this afternoon.

I also encourage you to register for Cookidoo,, and see the scope of the recipes you can cook with Thermomix. The first 30 days are free, and should you buy a Thermomix, you get a 6-months subscription with it.

Should you have any questions following this or would like to place an order, please do come back to me. All orders do need to be placed via an Advisors and I am here to support you throughout your Thermomix journey, as your Advisor, should you decide to purchase. 

I am an Independent Advisor, so I pride myself on honesty and looking after my customer base to the best of my ability. You can read my reviews on my Google page here.

If you would like to book a demonstration or find out more, please contact me on or call/text/ WhatsApp me on 07977 563537.


Covid_19 Update Thermomix Demonstrations

I am thrilled to announce that I am now officially back offering face-to-face Thermomix demonstrations! I’ve had the pleasure of doing virtual Thermomix demonstrations during the lockdown, but with more and more people wanting home demonstrations,   I thought it is now the right time to let you know how my sessions are going to look post-lockdown (aka the COVID-19 update).

As I work closely with my clients, either in their homes or in my home, with adults and children around, it is my duty to ensure all clients are protected during their session with me. Therefore during every demonstration, I will be wearing a face mask and will sanitise my hands as soon as I enter your house. I also ask everyone attending the demonstration to wash their hands before we start cooking. This is not a COVID-thing; we always and have always washed our hands before we cook. This is food safety and luckily, it falls into Covid safety rules too.

Usually, we ask you 2 guests from another household. In these times, I will not ask you or pressure you to invite friends. We will keep to the government guidelines of 2 households (yours and mine) meeting indoors and continue to maintain social distancing when we meet.

We continue to cook 3-recipes for your Thermomix introduction, ingredients as usual provided by you. The first recipe demonstrated by me and the remaining two, I will let members of your household conduct independently guided by me.

My Thermomix will be cleaned and sterilised before all demonstrations, and while I have put extra safety measures to make our demonstration safe and enjoyable, I will ask that you help me achieve this too.

  1. If you or any member of the household, have been in contact with anyone who has displayed the COVID-19 symptoms (a cough, a fever and/or a loss of smell/taste) or if you feel unwell (even mildly) before your demonstration, please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule. I understand that this may be an inconvenience but in this situation, it is better to reschedule our session than to risk anyone’s health.
  2. If you become unwell within 7 days after your demonstration, please let me know immediately even if you feel it is only mild.
  3. On the same note, if I or any member of my household displays COVID-19 symptoms or feels unwell, I will have to postpone our session.

Please don’t let all of this scare you though! These are crazy times we live in right now but as long as we follow the rules and be respectful of each other, we can continue to work with each other. And please don’t hesitate to book a demonstration with me – whether it’s for an initial demonstration of Thermomix TM6 or if you bought from me during lockdown and would like an in-person welcome visit.  It is easier to book it and rearrange it, if needs be, then to let to keep thinking I wish I had seen a demonstration.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon – l’m looking forward to see you soon!