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How to purchase a Thermomix®?

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Thermomix for Professionals

The ThermomixTM6 kitchen appliance is versatile and can do it all. This equipment is perfect for professional and home pastry chefs who want to make dynamic pastries and desserts.

The TM6 smart device handles all the chores of cooking. It can do everything from recipe planning, ingredient shopping, chopping, cooking, and cleaning. Cookidoo is Thermomix’s powerful recipe platform. It features step-by-step instructions that seamlessly guide users through every step of the cooking process. Thermomix automatically adjusts the temperature, cook time, and speed for each step. With just a push of a button, users can whisk, caramelize and brown, chop, steam or saute, stir, boil, knead and more using the appliance’s innovative technology.

Copied from this article showcases why a professional chef utilises Thermomix.

One of the biggest champions of the Thermomix TM6 is Chef Antonio Bachour. A multiple-time semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Pastry Chef Award, Bachour utilizes the TM6 in his own kitchens and has been using Thermomix products for years. Bachour recently shared with Bake Magazine his advice for bakers and pastry chefs who have Thermomix in their kitchens.

Bake: How can bakers and pastry chefs best utilize the Thermomix to craft desserts and pastries?

Antonio Bachour: Bakers and pastry chefs can use the Thermomix to do almost 100% of the preparation for both desserts and bread – including all creme anglaise, curds, sable, mousse, glazes, breads, and dough, etc. As you can see, I use the Thermomix to do nearly everything. It gives you the perfect texture, allows for 70% less in preparation time, and above all, delivers on precision and consistency for each and every recipe.

With transparency and health being important to consumers, how can Thermomix simplify the ingredient process?

The best thing about the Thermomix is the ability to cook items – such as eggs – that must be prepared at a certain temperature. The Thermomix is the only kitchen tool that can cook at such a precise pre-set temperature and will always have consistency in that temperature. The cooking process is entirely transparent and the ability to maintain the hygiene of the equipment is also key.

When did you first begin using the Thermomix and how has your relationship with the brand evolved from there?

I started using the Thermomix more than 25 years ago in Europe. I was fascinated by the speed of cooking and the amazing culinary textures it allowed me to create. The Thermomix is truly the most important piece of equipment in my kitchen and I use it every day.

Do you use the Thermomix in your personal life, and in what ways?

I do! We have one at home as well as in the bakery – and use it to make nearly everything there, too. I have taught my wife to make soups, vegetables, steam perfectly, make hummus, dips, sauces, breads, and of course, desserts.

You use plenty of fruit and chocolate in your pastries. Are these products ideal for use in Thermomix recipes?

Yes! I temper chocolate, make all of the fruit purees, and creams and mousse in the TM6. We also make all of the ganaches for the truffles and macarons in the Thermomix. Virtually any pastry ingredient is ideal for use in the Thermomix.

The Thermomix prices are as follows:

  • TM6 with one bowl, £1189 – £990.83 ex VAT
  • Chef packages, TM6 with two bowls, £1358 – £1131.67

And until Friday 16th December 2022, the ‘chef package’ is our current offer. Thermomix TM6 plus a second bowl, £1219. For an extra £30, you can buy a second bowl. This works out to a retail saving of £139, and in commercial terms the chef package for £1015.83 ex VAT.

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Thermomix TM6

Thermomix for Chefs

Thermomix for chefs is a must. Using Thermomix, restaurants are raising the quality level of their food and saving time, money, and effort.  With accurate times, temperatures, and speeds, and by stirring constantly for you, Thermomix effectively gives you an extra pair of professional hands in the kitchen and delivers consistent results time after time.

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve colour, texture and flavour
  • Increase yield and reduce food waste

For professional kitchens, Thermomix has become the tool of choice for blending, purées, hot and cold sauces, ice-cream mixes, crème pât, and much more. Thermomix purées are so fine that you can reduce or eliminate passing/sieving. One Thermomix with one blade can do all this:

  • Outstanding blending, and silky smooth purées • Pesto and perfectly emulsified dressings
  • Pâtés and mousses
  • Perfect crème for crème brulée
  • Fruit sorbets in 2 to 5 minutes
  • Ganaches for hand-made chocolates
  • Fresh pasta and bread doughs mixed and kneaded
  • Zabaglione in 8 minutes, whisked and heated
  • Herbs and vegetables chopped in seconds
  • Spices ground to powder with no heating of the spice • Soft fresh bread crumbs in 2 seconds
  • Parmesan grated in seconds
  • 30 cloves of garlic peeled in 10 seconds
  • Hot and cold soups and sauces, with any texture

Chefs Package only £1,098.33 plus VAT includes a second bowl Basic Package with one bowl £957.50 plus VAT

N.B. If ordering this in June 2022, you can buy the Chefs Package for the Basic Package, as we have an offer on a free second bowl for all payments in full till July 3rd.

Message me now to place your order before the price increase on 5th July.

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Edit, 5th July 2022 

The new prices are as follows:

  • TM6 with one bowl, £1189 – £990.83 ex VAT
  • Chef packages, TM6 with two bowls, £1358 – £1131.67