Thermomix butter

Thermomix Butter

Making homemade Thermomix butter is delicious and an ideal way of maximising your Thermomix. I’m a big fan of President’s Butter but at £2 a pop and the amount of baking we do at home, it’s expensive. Making homemade butter is therefore not only cost effective but allows me to flavour the butter so it’s individual to our family tastes (salty) and special for dinner parties (think, olive butter, sundried tomato butter, garlic butter etc.)

I always tend to make butter after Christmas and New Year, as I have an excess of cream building up in my fridge. Ever since I have had a Thermomix I always keep an eye out for cartons of cream that are nearly at their expiry date. Usually, these cartons are discounts at about half-price or more.

If you use the cream that is close to its expiry date, it will separate faster when you are whipping it. If you use fresh cream that has a long expiry it will take longer to separate, so this is a great recipe to dig out that cream at the back of your fridge or going cheap in the store.

Butter can be frozen and 600ml of double cream makes about one block of butter and 250ml buttermilk.