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How to purchase a Thermomix®?

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Last chance for 0% and a few extras

For our final week of Grand Prix, we have the offer to end the month on a high, ending Monday 3rd July at midday.



❤️48-months 0% interest free that works out at just £5.77 a week less than a couple of takeaway coffees.
❤️5 years peace of mind, normally 2 years but 3-years extra warranty (worth £149)
❤️Free Thermo server (worth £45)
❤️The interest rate increasing 14.9% in July

Your choice is simply between the ‘Iconic’ White or the ‘Sparkling Black’, both priced at £1189 and available interest-free for up to 48 months.


CONTACT ME TODAY for more information.

Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
Advisor ID: 800 000 0068
Phone: 07977 563537

Thermomix spread payments

Can I buy Thermomix on finance?

We value Thermomix but appreciate not everyone can justify the cost of a Thermomix in one payment. 

We offer an earn and demonstrate option for anyone who has the time and clientele to purchase a Thermomix with your time, instead of your purse, and spread payments for those who would like to purchase on finance. 

For the cost of a cup of coffee or sandwich these days, you can secure a Thermomix straight away on finance. 

Our finance partners are Novuna Business Finance,  UK’s fifth largest asset finance provider, offering innovative funding solutions for consumers. 

Our spread payments are available in 12,24, 36, and 48-month payment options. The application is so easy to do, I can send it via email which is what most customers prefer; to do it in the privacy of their homes. It’s a live application and you get a decision immediately.  It’s just then an e-signature and your order is secure. 

We can also do a soft search for those needing to check their credit,  but this needs to be done face-to-face.  For those in Ireland or the Channel Islands, we provide divided payment options.  

Other details:

  • Finance is available to domestic customers
  • No deposit required
  • Just11.9% APR
  • Available to people who have been living in the UK for at least 12 months
  • Also available to the self-employed, retired and homemakers
  • Also available for Thermomix packages and customer offers

Next steps:

  1. Give me a call/ Whatsapp on 07977 563537 or send me an email to enquire about the Finance Plan. 
  2. I will send you an email with the Solo Thermomix and any monthly offer breakdowns
  3. We can then discuss which product and plan suits your needs best, and go forward with application either emailing it to you, or doing a soft search over the phone or in person. 
  4. The application takes just a few minutes and includes the credit check with an immediate answer. 
  5. You will receive a confirmation email and text asking you to sign your agreement from (eSignature).
  6. Your order is complete and the next working day, you will receive an email confirmation stating your order confirmation from Vorwerk UK with delivery details. 
  7. If you place your order and confirm everything by 2pm, you will receive your Thermomix with 2-3 days.

So, the final question is would you rather have a cup of coffee or a Thermomix?


Why you shouldn’t wait for a 0% finance offer to buy a Thermomix

How many times do I get customers contacting me, asking “when the next 0% is?” Well, I can safely say that we won’t be having another zero-percent finance offer in 2022, but I will also like to point out why you shouldn’t wait for a 0% finance offer to buy a Thermomix.

  1. Time-Saving: The Thermomix saves time in both the preparation and cooking of your food. A carrot cake mixture takes 30 seconds, a creamy, smooth custard takes 6 minutes and soup which would normally take 1-2 hours on the hob, will cook in 15 minutes from start to finish. Since I have had a Thermomix, I save 45 minutes to 1 hour in the kitchen every meal. Time is money, and the time I save in the kitchen standing, stirring, chopping etc, means I can do something more productive.
  2. Space Saving: our Thermomix replaces over 20 other appliances in the kitchen, so you can throw out (or eBay) your other space-consuming kitchen appliances – food processor, bread machine, juicer, coffee grinder, rice cooker, slow cooker, electric whisks, and electronic scales, safely in the knowledge that one machine does it all. I don’t know about you, but the space saving alone is a reason to buy a Thermomix, especially in cities.
  3. Cost Saving: Although widely used by professional chefs in commercial kitchens, it was designed for use in the home. The serious home cook will benefit from savings of over £1000 a year on food costs and also appreciate the time-saving benefits, including lower energy costs. The average customers saves 10-20% of their weekly shop by the cost savings in not having to buy processed food, or by only buying what they need with Cookidoo’s shopping facility. Many says, that even with more baking and oven usage, their energy bills go down. In today’s market both of these are huge financial savings.

I’ve been a customer and Advisor for so long, that I know these three points to be true. I have also been an Advisor long enough to know that we sold without offers. The Thermomix was x-price and people bought it because of the features, functions & possibilities of how Thermomix could change the way they could by owning one.

Nowadays, where we have regular customer offers, everyone is waiting for that better offers – an additional up-sell gift at a discount, a bundle with a Thermomix Friend or second bowl, a zero-percent finance offer, etc. But rather than wait, let me show you how buying a Thermomix in the month that you want it, in the month that you need it, and in the month that you discover it will always be the wisest option.

Let’s take today for example. I have just been asked when the next 0% finance offer will be. As I said, it won’t come around in 2022 again, but the current deal actually saves more money in the purchase costs than the 0% does anyway.

Let me show you how.

Thermomix TM6: £1189 on our regular 9.9% finance

  • If I take the 12-month plan, the total payable amount is £1251, which is £62 more in total. Divide that by 12 months, and it’s £5.16 a month in finance costs.
  • If I take the 24-month plan, the total payable amount is £1301.16, which is £121.16 more in total. Divide that by 24 months, it’s £5.04 a month in finance costs.
  • You get the idea it’s about £5 a month more.

Thermomix TM6: £1189 on 0% finance

  • Yes, there’s no finance payable but the 0% finance is only available on the 12-month plan.
  • So for anyone wanting to pay 24, 36 and 48 month payment options, you don’t have access to 0%. You’d have to pay the 9.9% options above.
  • In 0% months, we tend to get many applications of consumers not wanting to save money (we all want to save money), but equally we get a lot of declined applications due to affordability.

Thermomix TM6 Black Friday 2022 Offer 

Currently, we have a Black Friday offer which is a Thermomix TM6 and a second bowl, for £1219. This is a cost-saving of £139 as a second bowl is priced at £169.

  • If I take the 12-month plan, the total payable amount is £1282.56, which is £63.56 more in total. Divide that by 12-months, it’s £5.29 a month in finance costs.
  • If I take the 24-month plan, the total payable amount is £1343.04, which is £124.04 more in total. Divide that by 24 months, its £5.16 a month in finance costs.
  • It’s still about £5 a month more.
  • But here’s the trick. This offer gives you a second bowl with a saving of £139, so actually even paying the finance costs on 12 or 24-month plans and you are still better off than waiting for a 0% finance plan.
  • Actually, you’re £15 better off with a second bowl.

As you can see having an Advisor who understands Thermomix/ Vorwerk offers and the many advantages of buying now, rather than crying later. I guarantee you are making the right choice.

Contact me today for more information

Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
Advisor ID: 800 000 0068
Phone: 07977 563537

Zero Waste with Thermomix – September 2022

Another month, another offer. This fantastic bundle is designed to celebrate our zero waste month with Thermomix and how much money you can save with Thermomix, especially important with energy prices and food prices increasing these days.

???? Thermomix TM6 at £1189 ???? Thermomix Slider free – worth £60 ???? Thermomix Go Green Cookbook  free – worth £39???? Total Saving of £99

The Thermomix Slider is the latest product launched by Vorwerk. It beautifully complements the Thermomix by ensuring stability and easy handling.  Not only does it help move the Thermomix on the worktop, but it also supports the longevity of the actual digital scale (whose sensors are within the three Thermomix feet).  Some of us may forget to use the dedicated silver handle when moving the Thermomix, ignoring the fact that by doing the scale can be damaged.  The use of the slider, on the other hand, prevents damage while ensuring the Thermomix’s stability. I know that many have been waiting for the slider’s launch and this offer brings it to you for FREE!

The Go Green Cookbook is your personal invitation to discover our latest cookbookGo Green, Feel Good, a tasty guide to sustainable living. The Cookbook is packed with delicious recipes and ideas designed to help you reduce waste and increase savings on your grocery shopping.  With 6 inspiring chapters and over 60 recipesGo Green Feel Good is crammed with inspiration, tips, and ideas on how you can have a greener lifestyle.

As always, you are able to pay in one payment by Visa or Mastercard, or spread payment with our 9.9% Novuna Finance plans on 12, 24, or 36-monthly payment plans. Please contact me for the breakdowns.

Delivery is currently 8 weeks, but I am advising all clients to place their orders as soon as possible to head to the waiting list. We envisage wait times to be this or longer, for the rest of the year.  So the sooner your order is in, the sooner you’re in the queue.

All orders do need to be placed via an Advisor and I am here to support you throughout your Thermomix journey, as your Advisor, should you decide to purchase. I can do this via our secure Advisor portal over the phone.

Keep cooking up a storm.

Contact me today
Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
Advisor ID: 800 000 0068
Phone: 07977 563537