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How to purchase a Thermomix®?

Go Green Cookbook

September 2023

Come September: Unleash Your Inner Chef with Exclusive Savings

Come September, children return to school, grownups to work, and the brain to the head.

– Roger Rosenblatt

Unleash Your Inner Chef with Exclusive Savings this month:
1. Thermomix TM6, £1189, our classic and ionic Thermomix
2. Thermomix TM6 and a second bowl, £1349, priced so you can purchase on 0% finance for 12 months (that works out at £12.41)
3. Thermomix TM6 and Thermomix Friend Complete, £1388, which makes the Thermomix Friend just £199, a discount of £330. Also available on 0% finance over 12 months.
All purchases in September also get our Green Bundle including a Go Green Feel Good Cookbook, Thermomix® Reuseable Mesh Bags, and Thermomix® Beeswax Wraps for FREE (worth £59)


  1. Thermomix Friend is small, compact; ready for use, or easy to put away.
  2. Thermomix Friend is a complementary accessory to your Thermomix, it can only go up to speed 2 and is always in reverse. It makes it perfect for simmering, sauteing, and stirring. 
  3. Thermomix Friend is ideal for time savings and bulk cooking.
  4. Thermomix Friend can be used in conjunction with Thermomix through guided cooking or can be used standalone manually.
  5. Thermomix can be used for parallel cooking – for example – making two sauces for a midweek meal – tomato sauce in one, cheese sauce in the other – ideal for fussy later, those with allergies or simply to create more choice at dinner time.


  1. It isn’t a Thermomix replacement.  The Thermomix Friend can be used alongside the Thermomix TM5 and Thermomix TM6 using blue-tooth and guided cooking, but it does not replace a Thermomix.
  2. It cannot chop or blend. The Thermomix Friend operates on the reverse and up to speed 2. Therefore, the initial chopping for a recipe, such as a soup or a curry, needs to be done in the Thermomix and then the bowl transferred to your Thermomix Friend to free up your Thermomix to do something else.

So in my opinion, the Thermomix Friend is amazing. Just like any product that Vorwerk brings out, this is game-changing and ahead of the times. It’s the most perfect accessory for our Thermomixes. The price point is approximately half the cost of a Thermomix, so with that, the features and capabilities are also reduced.  But as an accessory, it’s amazing; you will love it as much as you love your Thermomix.


Well, that is the million-dollar (or pound) question, isn’t it?

If you have a Thermomix TM5 or Thermomix TM6 and need more capacity, then I think it’s great. Priced at £529 for the base and bowl bundle, this is an excellent option to upscale your kitchen. You’ll on my YouTube channels, that I have really been enjoying using the Thermomix Friend multiple times each week since I received mine in December 2020. I use it mainly for making rice or potatoes and then using the Varoma to steam above it.

I have had many customers who currently have a Thermomix TM5 and were thinking of upgrading to Thermomix TM6 and Thermomix Friend. At this point, my independent opinion is to keep your Thermomix TM5 and upgrade to the Thermomix TM6. Why? Well, we’ve always said, what’s better than one Thermomix but two? Having two Thermomixes gives you the capability of truly doubling your cooking experience and if you have space, then keep it. We all know the value of a Thermomix once we have one in our kitchen, and if upgrading means selling yours, then we also know that the resale market doesn’t really appreciate the real value it. You are likely to get £600-750 for a Thermomix TM5 on the second-hand market, but it’s probably worth a lot more than that in reality.

But if you have a TM31 or a previous model, or are new to Thermomix completely, then this deal on the Thermomix Friend Bundle is amazing. Just like any product that Vorwerk brings out, this is game-changing and ahead of the times. It’s the most perfect accessory for our Thermomixes. A second bowl is £169, which is something I always recommend, so for just £30 extra, you are really getting a steal.

For September 2023, the Thermomix Friend Bundle is only £199, saving you £330.  For what it’s worth, a second bowl is normally £169; you are essentially getting the Friend for £30. It’s a no-brainer.

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Zero Waste with Thermomix – September 2022

Another month, another offer. This fantastic bundle is designed to celebrate our zero waste month with Thermomix and how much money you can save with Thermomix, especially important with energy prices and food prices increasing these days.

???? Thermomix TM6 at £1189 ???? Thermomix Slider free – worth £60 ???? Thermomix Go Green Cookbook  free – worth £39???? Total Saving of £99

The Thermomix Slider is the latest product launched by Vorwerk. It beautifully complements the Thermomix by ensuring stability and easy handling.  Not only does it help move the Thermomix on the worktop, but it also supports the longevity of the actual digital scale (whose sensors are within the three Thermomix feet).  Some of us may forget to use the dedicated silver handle when moving the Thermomix, ignoring the fact that by doing the scale can be damaged.  The use of the slider, on the other hand, prevents damage while ensuring the Thermomix’s stability. I know that many have been waiting for the slider’s launch and this offer brings it to you for FREE!

The Go Green Cookbook is your personal invitation to discover our latest cookbookGo Green, Feel Good, a tasty guide to sustainable living. The Cookbook is packed with delicious recipes and ideas designed to help you reduce waste and increase savings on your grocery shopping.  With 6 inspiring chapters and over 60 recipesGo Green Feel Good is crammed with inspiration, tips, and ideas on how you can have a greener lifestyle.

As always, you are able to pay in one payment by Visa or Mastercard, or spread payment with our 9.9% Novuna Finance plans on 12, 24, or 36-monthly payment plans. Please contact me for the breakdowns.

Delivery is currently 8 weeks, but I am advising all clients to place their orders as soon as possible to head to the waiting list. We envisage wait times to be this or longer, for the rest of the year.  So the sooner your order is in, the sooner you’re in the queue.

All orders do need to be placed via an Advisor and I am here to support you throughout your Thermomix journey, as your Advisor, should you decide to purchase. I can do this via our secure Advisor portal over the phone.

Keep cooking up a storm.

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Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
Advisor ID: 800 000 0068
Phone: 07977 563537