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Advisor Incentives

What can I earn as an Advisor: Incentives

The beauty of a Thermomix Advisor, in addition to commissions, is the wonderful incentives we also earn.

I share this not to gloat but to share the business opportunity with people. When you have committed Advisors, who put in the work, time, and dedication to demonstrations, closing sales, recruiting new people to the business and more importantly looking after your customer base, you are not only rewarded by closing sales in this direct sales business but also by added extras.

Often the incentives are accessories or Cookbooks pre-launch, so Advisors have a chance to earn them, use them before we are asked for our honest consumer reviews, so just that in itself is a huge bonus to the Advisor role. Recall the Thermomix Cutter? Thermomix Advisors in the UK had the opportunity to earn this with sales and/ or recruitment drive many, many months before it was launched to customers. What’s more, we have several chances to earn one. You can’t ask for more than that from a company.

Below are some of the examples in a 3-month period of our sales and recruitment incentives this year:

January 2023 

Qualifying period 1st January -28th February, 20 Advisors, and 40 Team Leaders were in with a chance for an all-expenses, 4-day trip to Mykonos in May 2023.

Qualifying period 21st-31st January, one sale earned the multi-purpose bowls. This was the first chance these multi-purpose bowls were introduced to the market before they were released as a customer purchase incentive in July later this year. 

Qualifying period 21st-31st January achieved AND 1st-7th February a second sale earned the trolley bag. We are   given a travel bag as our Advisor business pack. But having one on wheels, is especially handy for those in London or who take public transport when going to demonstrations.

February 2023

Mykonos’ qualifying period continued, so for ‘big’ travel incentives like this, we have a longer period to qualify.

Qualifying period 1st -28th February,

  • 1 sale earned the newest Cookbook, Free From, and nut milk bags, worth £35
  • 2 sales earned £100 e-voucher to use in our Advisor Portal, £100
  • 3 Sales also earned the VC100 Kobold Handheld Vacuum Cleaner worth £130

Reminder, that this is in addition to commission on sales. So for 3 sales which equates to £515 in commission, you also can earn an extra £265 in Advisor incentives.

March 2023 

Fast Start Qualifying period 1-3rd March, the Advisor or Team Leader with the highest number of Personal Sales will earn a Thermomix Samonsite Backpack.

The head office often do this and it’s a great way to have a great month starting off quick and fast off the starting block. It also means its about being the quickest off the start line. This is open to everyone in the branch whether they have just joined or been in the business for a while and I really love the inclusivity of it.

Qualifying period 1-31st March, we had a number of Advisor incentives.

  • For 2 sales OR 1 sale + 1 Qualified Recruit, we could a Thermomix Tool Kit
  • For 3 sales OR 2 sales + 1 Qualified Recruit, we could earn a Thermomix Cutter AND a Thermomix Cleaning Brush
  • For 4 sales or 3 sales + 1 Qualified Recruit, we could earn a Thermomix Mixing Bowl




As you can see there is a lot on offer.

A sales incentive plan is a way to motivate and reward salespeople for reaching and exceeding their sales goals. It’s used in addition to a standard compensation plan. It’s part of the business I love. I love to earn ‘extras’ whether that is a branded pen or baseball cap to the big ticket items like a trip. It drives me to push myself that one step further and see the results. It’s there, you know what you can earn, the goal given to you at the beginning of the month, now you just have to plan how to achieve it. 

Advisor incentive programs  also make sellers feel valued. Direct sellers who feel valued are encouraged to keep up a high level of performance. If incentives are offered in the spirit of recognizing a job well done, they go a long way toward improving a worker’s sense of fulfillment, loyalty and retention.   I have team member who once said to me, “Ankita, I’m only joining to earn my new Thermomix TM6”. She was upgrading from a Thermomix TM31. But as soon as she did, another incentive came her way to earn a Thermomix Friend, then a diary and a new Cookbook etc. Three-years later she is still happily demonstrating. 
Never underestimate your own ability to do more. We all have one more sale in us to reach the next commission and incentive level. 
We are actively recruiting new Advisors all over the UK. Do get in touch if you are looking to join the business. You will join my team if you are in the East London area, but if you are elsewhere, I’ll put you in touch with a local Team Leader to look after you.

CONTACT ME TODAY for more information.

Advisor Name: Ankita Stopa
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Phone: 07977 563537

Celebrating consistency

Many companies have a quick start program to reward newcomers. But when a company also rewards its long-standing direct sellers, that’s a company worth staying for. Thank you Vorwerk UK for always going that extra mile, adding the cherry on the cake, so to speak.

Direct sales companies offer programs and incentives to help motivate you and keep you consistent in running your direct sales business. It is important for your success and momentum, especially at the beginning of your business, to set your sights on earning these incentives and programs.

Thermomix, like many other direct sales companies, offer programs within your first 90 days of starting (typically called Fast Start, Quick Start, Fast Track, and so on). The fast-track type program is a great way for you to earn additional products for your kit, gain items for your own personal use, and of course, establish good business habits and patterns. What you start with is what you are likely to continue with. So, if you get your business off to a healthy and successful start by pushing yourself in both sales and recruiting, you will most likely enjoy long-term success.

In our case, the TM4U program establishes our fast start with newcomers earning their Thermomix with just 4 sales in their 90-days. This is an amazing incentive as the first 4 sales, work out to be a free Thermomix worth £1149 and equated to an income of £287.25 per sale. Many who join the business, simply to earn their Thermomix, are delighted with their success so early on and stay in the business long term.  

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the quick start program and the exact requirements and qualifications you need to hit to earn it. But when a company also rewards its long-standing direct sellers, that’s a company worth staying for.

I recently received a consistency award for 2019/2020. This is the second year the company has allocated this recognition award. Advisors and Team Leaders are recognized for making at least 1 sale every month over a 12-month period (September 2019-August 2020). Achievers received a beautiful gift set from The White Company; the Lime & Bay Luxury Gift set. In 2018/2019 there were just 50 winners UK wide, and in 2019/2020, this number doubled to 110.

A massive thanks to Vorwerk UK for the generous gift. I do get paid commissions for my monthly sales but these extra gifts are always greatly appreciated.

So it’s why I track my own sales on a YTD spreadsheet and those for my team. I want everyone to feel the joy and fulfillment of receiving some extra too.  It’s like a cherry on the cake. I love what I do and get rewarded well for the sales I achieve, but gifts like this are special and make it even better.