Alpine food


Tartiflette, péla, fondue, raclette or even a plain old toastie: what’s your favourite way to overdose on melted cheese at this time of year? And are there any other Alpine favourites you’ve brought home with you. I have just returned from a week skiing in the Alps and this recipe is an alpine staple.

Tartiflette  is a dish from Savoy in the Alps and is made with potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons and onions.

A warning: don’t even think of making this unless there’s a chill in the air and you’ve been out in it, working up an appetite. Stupidly uncomfortable boots and damp thermals are entirely optional, but you will need to be hungry. It’s a heartache waiting to happen but after a long day on the slopes, it’s the perfect meal to end the day. Served with a green salad and glass of wine.