What modes are available on the Thermomix TM6?

Just when you thought the Thermomix couldn’t get any better, the Thermomix TM6 has new and improved modes to any previous model. The beauty of having software updated regularly means that new modes are often introduced and quick software will ensure your Thermomix has all the latest modes.

The Thermomix TM6 has a built-in scale, mixing knife, heating element, whisk attachment, measuring cup, and steamer basket. Its 22 cooking functions and techniques range from slow cooking, emulsifying, whisking, chopping, and blending, to caramelizing, kneading, and new features like sous-vide immersion cooking.

To achieve the best cooking results with the modes, we also recommend that you keep your Thermomix up to date with the latest firmware version.

Current Modes include:


warmUp.png Warm-up mode: Heats and reheats sauces, soups, and further liquids efficiently without breaking chunks of food within. Food to be warmed must be liquid or creamy, The butterfly whisk is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended for quantities over 250 g.
thickening.png Thickening mode: In this mode, you can thicken sauces such as vanilla pudding, béchamel, and other sauces with eggs, egg yolk, flour, and cornflour. Milk, cream, or baby food may be warmed without burning.
ric.png Rice cooking mode: The rice cooking mode allows you to cook many types of rice or bulgur, up to 500 g at the touch of a button.
Egg.png Egg boiler mode: Boil between 2 and 6 size M Eggs in your Thermomix® TM6. Insert the eggs into the mixing bowl and add water up to the 1 Liter mark on the mixing bowl. Select one of the five cooking points: soft, medium soft, medium, medium-hard and hard
jog.png Fermentation: This mode can be used to ferment yogurt or prove a yeast dough in a warm environment.
warmUp.png Sous-vide: Method for tender meat, fish, and vegetables.
SC.png Slow Cook: A gentle method for cooking dishes that take a bit longer.
blend.png Blend: Get great results with purées, soups, and smoothies in this mode.
scale.png Scale: Weighs in 1 g intervals.
dou.png Dough: Prepare all types of dough quickly and easily. You will achieve great consistency and professional smoothness – no lumps guaranteed!
turbo.png Turbo: Chop like a pro with high speeds of up to 10,700 rotations per minute.
preclean.png Improved Pre-clean: now you may select one of the four different variations of cleaning depending on the soiling of the Bowl (Dough, Universal, Fat & Caramel, and Browning) making the cleaning results more efficient.
kette.png Kettle: Heat water to 37–100°C for making tea, preparing baby bottles, or cooking pasta.
Peeler_mode_icon.png Peeler: Use this mode with the Thermomix Blade Cover with Peeler for automatic peeling of vegetables with the TM6. Place the peeler on the mixing knife so that the curves of the peeler match the shape of the mixing knife and make sure that the peeler is properly hooked (the peeler should now sit firmly on the mixing knife and can only be removed with a little resistance) Add 600 g of water and a maximum of 800 g of vegetables (e.g. potatoes) to the mixing bowl For best results, the vegetable pieces should not be larger than the mixing bowl lid opening. For most vegetables, 4 minutes is recommended to remove the peel.