Whole Chicken

Poached Chicken

This poached chicken recipe came up on the Australian Recipe Community a couple of years ago and I’ve made it many, many times. It’s an excellent way to make a whole chicken and the taste is absolutely wonderful; moist and delicious.

You first make the spring onion mix and then the master stock. If you have multiple bowls, then you can make the spring onion mix in one and then the master stock in the other. And in a third, rice and vegetables while the chicken cools down. Of course, if only one bowl, wash and clean in between.

Original recipe link: Matt Moran’s Poached Chicken in a Master Stock

I had no idea who Matt Moran was for the many years I was making this recipe, but a quick Google search for this blog post has shown that he’s an Australian Chef. With a career spanning over 30 years in the Australian food industry, Matt Moran has a plethora of awards to his name, TV shows, best-selling cookbooks and ownership of some of Australia’s most celebrated dining establishments; it’s safe to say that Matt Moran is an Australian food icon.

So try this recipe, it’s great and comes from two great chefs!