Thermomix Cost Saving: Pizza

How do you save money with your Thermomix? There are so many ways that owning a Thermomix can help you save you a little or a lot off your weekly grocery bill that I thought I’d share some of my Top Tips!  In this series of blog posts, I will share Thermomix Cost Saving tips, pizza…making homemade in the Thermomix to be exact…

As a family, Fridays are always pizza night.  We’ve taken it a step further in our family and made it our weekly “pizza and movie night”, complete with fresh, amazing homemade pizza. In this blog, I’m going to compare the costs between buying a pizza and making your own.

If you ordered take away or went to a restaurant, you could be paying on average £12 just for a Margherita  Pizza (other pizzas will cost more). That translates into at least £24 for two people and £48 for a family of 4. The same family of 4 would probably spend at least £24 on the supermarket’s not so freshly made pizzas.

Dominos Cheese and Tomato 13.5″ pizza (Docklands Branch) £16.99

Franco Manco (Canary Wharf) £7.95

Papa Johns (Docklands Branch), large pizza £16.99

Pizza Express Margherita £8.45

Pizza dough only has a few ingredients, most of which are probably already in your store cupboard.  As for toppings, let’s start with a simple mozzarella and basil pizza with tomato sauce, otherwise known as Pizza Margherita. Here’s a list of the ingredients and their cost for two medium pizzas.

Ingredients & costs

  1. Flour, bread flour, 500g, 65p
  2. Active dry yeast, 1 packet (8g), 20p
  3. Olive oil, extra virgin, 2 tbsp, 10p
  4. Salt, 1 tsp, less than 1p
  5. Sugar, 1 tsp, 5p
  6. Whole peeled tomatoes, 1 can (400g), £1
  7. Mozzarella cheese, 125g, £1.25
  8. Basil, free from the garden
That’s a rough total of just £3 each versus a potential £12-£24 or £48 spending. Oh, and let’s not forget that the kneading will be done for you in just 2 minutes by the Thermomix. This is just a simple example of how the Thermomix pays for itself.
Now, this is what I call a no-brainer…