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Homemade Chocolate Bars

Homemade chocolate bars are fun, you can make them whatever size you like, and can pack them with whatever chunks, spices, nuts, seeds, and goodies you have. The possibilities are endless. Make a bunch, wrap them in gold foil candy paper, or parchment, and place in a drawer – you’re set for the month. Everyone seems to have a slightly different technique, but generally, I simply start with the best dark chocolate possible, then add as many extras as the chocolate can hold. To shape your bars You can just slather the mixture across a parchment-lined baking sheet, or allow it to set in a mold (or ice cube tray) of your choice.

The beauty in the recipe is the simplicity. A Thermomix tempers the chocolate callets so precisely that the quality of chocolate you use is key – I only use Callebaut Chocolate callets which is the finest Belgian chocolate and then toppings can be as elaborate as you want. For Christmas rose petals or pistachios give it a little luxury; for everyday eating for the kids, I use sprinkles and M&Ms. I know the last ingredient goes against my quality and best the best comment, but I’m keeping it real. My kids love M&M, Smarties, sprinkles and everything & anything that is sugar loaded. I take comfort in the fact the 80:20 rule, most of those they are eating is good.

This beautiful recipe is re-blogged from I love Chocolate, I love Thermomix by Janie Turner. Janie was the distributor of Thermomix UK when I started so is a friend and mentor of mine. After selling the business back to Vorwerk in 2014, set up Cook with Janie. Do check out her website and blog. It’s truly amazing as the lady herself.