Thermomix Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

I often get asked for the most common cake I bake in my Thermomix and hands down, its the Carrot Cake recipe. I try and justify that baking with carrots ticks off one of our 5-a-day, but I think I’m only secretly kidding myself. The reason I think a Thermomix version has to be included in any Thermomix blog is because of how easy it is to make.

I do a lot of charity work in my borough of Tower Hamlets and a few summers ago, we did some cooking classes for local children in the area. The workshops were over 6 weeks where we made easy snacks that children could make showing them how home cooked food had more nutritional value than fast food, sugar-loaded snacks. One week, we made carrot cake the traditional way – weighing, measuring, peeling, grating, mixing, more weighing, more mixing…it went on and on. My team and I were dumbfounded by the how long this recipe took making it by hand. My team are so used to Thermomix method  that we had simply forgotten how time consuming anything else is. For those who want the easy, quick way without compromising taste, here it is.