Rewards and Recognitions

I am very proud to work for a company, that not only allows me to conduct this business around my family life and career but also gives rewards and recognitions, to their sales force on the ground.

We recently had our annual (virtual) conference and I was awarded the following accolades:

Consistency Award

The consistency award recognises one sale a month over a period of time. This award was launched 3-years ago, so I’ve been marked as someone who has been consistent for over 36-months.

As an Advisor and Team Leader, it’s one I strive for myself and also encourage my entire team to achieve.

Someone who is consistent always behaves in the same way has the same attitudes towards people or things or achieves the same level of success in something. One sale a month means that the business is viable and the time we take investing in our business activity reaps rewards.

As a Team Leader, I need to make 3 sales to keep my Team Leader status, but what I try and set my team is the aspirational goal of one sale as the first step each month to their business.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

Tony Robbins

Diamond Team Leader

Diamond status was also launched 3-years ago, and I’m delighted to keep my diamond status this year.  Diamond status Advisors enjoy a higher income plan when they achieve 70+ sales in a calendar year from January-December.

When initially launched in September 2018 for the following year, I made my 70th sale on 31st December 2018, by the skin of my teeth. In 2019, I achieve 70 sales by October and last year by August.

I can see my own success mirrored by other Advisors in the UK as Thermomix awareness grows in the UK. In the first year, only 15 UK Advisors achieved diamond status. This went up to 85 the following year and 150 in 2020.

I have been in this business since 2009, when hardly anyone in the UK had heard of Thermomix and when there were so few Advisors on the ground, we were just known by our names. As the years have gone by, this hobby has turned into a passion into a viable business. I have seen 2 new Thermomix launched;  the Thermomix TM5 and TM6 and accessories such as the Thermomix Friend released. I have seen our company grow from a small, family-run subsidiary to being 100% owned subsidiary of Vorwerk with 16 branch offices and over 2,000 Advisors.

And yet, there’s more to come. Lots more for Thermomix and Vorwerk in the UK to strive for. We only have 1% awareness in the UK, so you can imagine even if we double, triple, quadruple over business over the next 3-5 years, there’s a whole load of customers still to reach.

Level 6 Achiever Award

And finally, I achieved the Level 6 Achiever Award for 500 sales and 20 recruits. This level was started way back in September 2014 when the Thermomix TM5 was launched, so that is 500 sales of both Thermomix TM5 and Thermomix TM6s, plus 20 qualified, new recruits to the business.

I’m most proud of this recruitment record. That means I have personally helped twenty people into this business, giving them the opportunity to earn their own Thermomix by enrolling in the earn and demonstrate program. Many of these Advisors have gone on to earn their Thermomix TM5 with 4 sales and then have a viable business; many went onto earn their Thermomix TM6s too when that was launched in 2019. It’s a true honour bringing new team members into the business and showing them that the sky is the limit. As self-employed Thermomix Advisors, we don’t have any minimum job criteria such as in a degree or minimum GCSE or A-Level requirements, 1-2 years of sales experience, or language pre-requisites. All we ask is that the person, male or female is aged over 18-years old and puts in time and effort into their Thermomix business. We provide the training and support and then the sky is the limit.

To end this post, with a final thank you. To you. My customers. My potential customers. My referrals. None of this would be possible with all of you amazing customers. Thank you.

You are the heart and soul of my business. Simply speaking, there would be no me without you. Your loyalty means everything to me. Thank you for being a customer!