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How to purchase a Thermomix®?

reasons to buy a Thermomixx

Thermomix Extended Warranty Bundle

For any purchases of Thermomix this month, you have the opportunity to purchase an additional 3-years manufacturer’s warranty for £49 giving you a 5-year peace of mind.

The warranty will be available to purchase from February for all purchases of Thermomix, priced at £149, so this month it’s an incredible saving of £100.

The bundle is ideal if you are a cautious, savvy, or value hunter. The Thermomix is built to last and already comes with a 2-year warranty but for those who want to extend it, it’s a wonderful offer.

Of course, you could choose the Thermomix TM6 alone for £1149.

Note: All Thermomix comes with a 6-months Cookidoo subscription, 2-year warranty, and lifetime support with me as your dedicated Advisor. All purchases come with an offer of a virtual demonstration and a welcome visit.

This is Advisor exclusive and can only be purchased via our Advisor portal. So please, come back to me with any questions or if you’d like to proceed with a purchase, while stocks last. Finance plan also available for domestic sales with options to pay the Thermomix in installments of 12/24/36 months.

Contact me on or call/ text/ WhatsApp me on 07977 563537

NOTE: For any of my customers who have bought a Thermomix recently, you can still benefit from purchasing the extended warranty. For all purchases post 17th November, if you bought the standalone Thermomix TM6, you can purchase the extra 3-year warranty for £49. If you purchased the bundle – either the Black Friday TM6/ TM5 or the Festive Bundle with Thermoservers, as you have already benefited from a deal, you will need to pay the full amount of £149 for the warranty. If you would like to purchase the warranty, please send me an email with the request and I will coordinate with head office, the process. You have until Monday 18th January to take action.

Thermomix Cost Saving: Cheese

How do you save money with your Thermomix? There are so many ways that owning a Thermomix can help you save you a little or a lot off your weekly grocery bill that I thought I’d share some of my Top Tips!  In this series of blog posts, I will share Thermomix Cost Saving tips, cheese…grating cheese in the Thermomix to be exact…

Why grate your own cheese?

  • Taking Catherdral City Mature Cheese as an example, 550g block costs, £4.50 which works out at £8.18 per kilo.  A 180g bag of grated cheese costs, £1.50 bringing the cost per kilo to £8.33, so a small cost-saving can be seen.
  • However, if we take parmesan as an example again from Sainsbury’s supermarket, a 200g block of Sainsbury’s Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese costs £3.30 (£16.50/kg). The same brand of grated cheese in a 120g bag costs £2.65 (£22.08/ kg) and the 60g bag costs £1.35 (£22.50/kg). That’s £6 per kilo saving which is considerable. Think about how many times you sprinkle parmesan on your pizza, risotto, or spag bol and therefore how much you could be saving using use on cheese.
  • Commercially grated cheese includes anti-caking agents
  • More than twice the plastic packaging required.

How do you make grated cheese in the Thermomix?

Grated cheese is super quick to make in the Thermomix.

Take 1 kg of block cheese and divided it into 250g blocks. Divide each block again into quarters.

Place 250g of the cheese cubes into TM bowl. Grate 4 seconds on Speed 9. Remove the cheese and place it into a container for storage in the fridge. Continue to process the cheese in 250g batches until all the cheese has been grated.

For parmesan, place up to 100g in the TM bowl in 30-40g chunks and grate 30 seconds, speed 10. You can also use the rind which helps your parmesan go further.

Notes: Prices and links to Sainsbury’s Website are correct as of May 2020. Please do drop me a note if the links have changed or been deleted.