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Join me as an Advisor


Join me as an Advisor


Strike the perfect work-life balance by joining me as an Advisor. Thermomix is growing and I’d love for you to be part of something that gives you personal growth, financial rewards and the flexibility to run things your way.

Looking for a family friendly income or some extra cash to spoil yourself? Many our customers turn their passion into a profession by becoming a Thermomix Advisor. Our Advisors are teachers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants  nutritionists, homeopaths, mums, in retail and admin – they come in all walks of life and I have all in my own team. 

Everyone deserves a Thermomix in their kitchen. If you don’t already own one (or would like a second one) keep reading to find out how you can earn your Thermomix on our Earn and Demonstrate programme (now called Thermomix 4U)You can have one to use for 30 days; you will have plenty of time to see just how invaluable the Thermomix is. All that we ask you to do is to think about possibly becoming an Advisor is to attend a training session where you will have the opportunity to find out a lot more about the Thermomix. You will also have an expert introduction into using it to ensure that you feel confident about all the fantastic features. After the 30 days, you can choose to hand it back or buy it! If you have been active as an Advisor, you can reduce the cost of your Thermomix or even earn it completely and some commission as well.

The programme is run by our East London Branch Manager, Lydia Lheureux, where in addition to sharing her passion about food, cooking and of course Thermomix, she runs through the practical guidelines to familiarise yourself with the Thermomix Advisor role, an introduction to freelance working and how to work independently. As you are also then part of my team and our wider London Branch, you are given on-going support and training, at monthly Kick Off meetings, team meetings and webinars to keep you motivated, inspired and up to date with our latest news. One of the things I love most about my role as an Advisor and Team Leader is how supportive the whole Thermomix community is to each other. Our aim is to make you the best Advisor you can be and we have a lot of fun too!
If you are curious about becoming a Thermomix Advisor like me or my team, the next step is as simple as popping to one of our Opportunity Meetings over a cup of coffee to find out more

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