Why join the Thermomix Business?

Many people out there wonder, why it’s so great to join the Thermomix Business.

With the permission of my fabulous team, I thought I’d share their ‘why’. These are my lockdown recruits, so all were recruited and trained after March 2020.

It brings me great pride that all these newcomers not only earned their new Thermomix TM6s by achieving their first 4 sales within their 90-days (or sooner), but they have stayed in the business. Many Advisors stay in the business becuase of fabulous training from the company, the support from the team and of course, when you believe in the product, it’s an easy sell. As a Team Leader, I do everything I can to support, encourage and motivate my team to be the best they can. Throw in the fact that after your first 4 sales, you start earning commission, incentives and trips, there’s plenty of reasons why to stay in the business long term.

But for me personally, helping indivdiuals, men and women, achieve a successful Thermomix business, seeing them grow in confidence, learn new skills and some money is the most satisfying thing. Our team is not just a group of people who work together, we become a family who supports and looks after each other – a Thermomix family.

Enough about me, here’s my latest recruits and their whys….

For me, lockdown 2020 only has connotations of joy as it very much kickstarted my Thermomix business. Although I signed up wanting to upgrade my TM31 and thinking i’d be able to demonstrate the TM6 in person, I actually only managed one – on the 12th March – before having to self-isolate a day later! And in all honesty, even though I have been technically stretched, I have loved all the zooms and social media posts I have had to do. When I think back over 2020 I don’t think of lockdown doom and gloom but the opportunity to bake from scratch with ease and to be hospitable with neighbourly doorstep food parcels drops. I think of hot-cross buns at Easter, Elderflower cordial production in May, chocolate ice cream during the summer, and Trifle at Christmas. I love how easy it is to be an awe-inspiring culinary expert at a push of a button!

Why am I in the business? I’d be so stupid to have let the opportunity pass me by! Thank you SO MUCH, Ankita for convincing me to give the TM4U a programme a  go and I didn’t have to think twice about staying on! I love how my business can wrap around my other responsibilities and yet still be at the forefront, rather like the kitchen is always the epi-centre of every home. Having 60,000 recipes at the touch of a button offers me and my customers a wealth of inspiration and fuel to feed those we hold dear. The TM6 has revolutionised the way I feed my family and I am desperate to convince those around me why they need a TM6 in their lives too – and the fact that it can be income-producing really is the icing on the cake. There are three types of work – jobs (9-5, dull, pay the bills) careers (spend life working a way to get to the top), and hobbies (doing something you love with the luxury of being paid!) Thermomix is so much more than a hobby but one that I love doing every single day.



“To improve myself and others,  to don’t give up without trying” 

I was ask twice to become an advisor, and I declined.

Firstly, in 2010, as I thought my English wasn’t good enough.

The second time in 2015, I didn’t join as I didn’t have the support of my husband or friends.

Today, with my big smile on my face, bottle of champagne and bunch of flowers from my husband (he apologised me, for not believing in me) I am telling everyone is worth to trying as I earned my Thermomix with first 4 weeks (in August 2020), and I am full time working mum of 6.5 year old twins. 

Vorwerk have also great motivation program, what I really like,  so that’s why I am not loosing nothing.  I would like to try to get the opportunity,  to learn new skills,  earn extra money,  and meet new people. 

And this is what I already benefit since I joined the company. 

I am getting more confidence,  as I doing live videos on social media,  I meet so many lovely people,  and I started to chat with then as long time friends- and we did not even meet yet (so lovely especially during this difficult time).

And I do enjoy earning extra money on top of this. 

Thank you for having me in your team.


Why did I join the business? Because I love food and love to cook, but that’s probably what everyone says.

I’ve got my Thermomix TM5 in May 2018 as my Birthday present from my husband, he said every good Chef has a good Sous-Chef. 

After having my second baby, I experienced post-natal depression in April 2020, a newborn and toddler, no external help due to lockdown. I only got out of bed because my children needed me and all inspiration and motivation to cook was gone, I’ve still cooked! I’ve let my son choose the pictures on Cookidoo he liked and simply cooked that. While everybody was complaining during lockdown number 1 what food they miss, we’ve had it all:  chicken katsu curry, garlic salmon maki, fresh made tuna pizza with caramelized onions, pecan honey ice cream, Asia bowl….  you don’t need to be in a good inspired mood to cook with the thermomix. You just have to read the instructions and enjoy the outcome!

I know that there are a lot of mum’s and dad’s out there, not knowing that cooking can be so unbelievable easy. That you can cook healthy and versatile when you are alone with 2 Kids without neglecting them. I want to show them that they are not alone with their daily fights, juggling kids, job, cooking and household. There are a lot of us. I too carry a lot of things on my shoulders. Thanks to my Thermomix cooking is no longer one of them. We’re all in the same boat. Let’s help each other, shall we? 


This business has given me the opportunity to meet new people and learn how the fun of cooking can be.  Before I became a Thermomix Advisor I was always passionate about food, I used to spend numerous hours in the kitchen, cooking for my family and friends. I wanted to share my cooking knowledge with others and to build a community by sharing my Thermomix love. 



I heard about the Thermomix a long time ago but I didn’t have a chance to see the demonstration. Finally, I sent an email to Vorwerk that I would like to become a Thermomix Advisor. I received a reply, but I still wasn’t ready to start this journey. I didn’t believe that I can sell it, especially during the lockdown.

When my friend Monika became an Advisor, she convinced me to go for training. With Ankita’s support, I joined a team and within 3 months I earned my Thermomix. 

It was the best decision, I enjoy cooking with TM6 and sharing this experience with others.