Thermomix Cutter is now available to buy

We had a sneak peek of Vorwerk’s newest accessory, Thermomix Cutter,  in winter 2022, but the good news is as of Tuesday 3rd January 2023, it is now available to buy.

What is the Thermomix cutter?

The 4-in-1 disc to effortlessly grate and slice your fruits and vegetables

  • ✅ Makes 4 types of cuts: fine grate, thick grate, fine slice, or thick slice.
  • ✅ Suitable for many ingredients according to the seasons: fruits and vegetables, but also cheeses, charcuterie, etc.
  • ✅ Save time in preparing your recipes
  • ✅ Easy to clean, it is dishwasher safe and does not soil your Thermomix® bowl
  • ✅Compatible with Thermomix TM6 or TM5

The Thermomix cutter is the ultimate, easy, and fast ally, for the best eating with Thermomix. With the 4-in-1 disc, cut your fruits and vegetables perfectly and effortlessly on a daily basis.

  • ✅ A 4-in-1 disc that makes all types of cuts: fine grate (1-2 mm), grate thick (4-5 mm), fine slice (1-2 mm), thick slice (4-5 mm)
  • ✅ A dedicated cutting bowl: to be inserted directly into the Thermomix bowl, easy to grate to avoid waste.
  • ✅ A specific mode is integrated into the Thermomix TM6 for each cut but can be done manually on speed 4 – forward and with reverse – for those with a Thermomix TM5.

Thermomix Cutter Price in UK: £85 and only available via an Advisor. 

For more information on Thermomix, to book a demonstration, to buy one, or to find out about the Advisor opportunity, please find my contact details below, including my Advisor number, stating I am an authorized seller for Vorwerk UK.

Please contact me for more information.

Ankita Stopa
Diamond Plus Team Leader & Advisor 800 000 0068
07977 563537

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